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Patch v59

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Hey everyone just wanted to let you know some of the directions we're headed in going into the new year. We will be doing some class balancing early to mid January once we have a good grasp of the current meta and state of the game. Some notable changes to be made will be:

  • Devil Hunter rework.
    • Had this planned for a couple months now but haven't had the time to execute it.
  • Glacial Knight
    • I will focus on making healers who build better to have a better experiance than healers who do not (Unlike the current situation).
    • The MDPS elements of this class will be improved too.
  • Shielder / Elegant Dancer
  • And many others. This will not be like the original balance patch but just more of a patch dedicated to changes rather than some slapped on here or there.

Following this we're still working on some new quest maps that where pushed back due to Lilith having some real life issues to attend to that take priority. Although I could have done her work without her since she gave me the almost finished product I thought it wasn't right to let her miss her creation being made as she takes a lot of pride in the work she puts forward to the content of the game.



  • The Vendetta Treasury has been opened for the next 2 Weeks!
  • EXP/CP Boost will be active this week only!



  • Fixed the NPC Shop in Roaming Hills.
    • Note: You can now once again buy the Awaken Bow Quest Item.
  • Druid Skill "Ancestor's Wrath" now deals DMG equal to 10% of your M-ATK instead of 15% of your M-ATK.


🎅 Merry Christmas from the Vendetta Team! 🎅

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