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Patch v60

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Hey everyone sorry for any delays getting this patch it took a lot longer than expected. I have done a major fix to game that was causing stats to be updated around 100-200 times per gear swap which resulted in some players with bad connections to the server suffer. This fix wont magically fix lag and if you're lagging a lot you likely still will. However, this should help against random freezes you get when you or someone around you swaps their gear.

I have disabled the GM command that allows me to decided on the teams for Territory War as I'm tired of this nonsense that is occurring. You are all complaining to me about how the teams are unfair but yet all of you complainers are saying the other guilds are this that and the other because they don't want to fight 2 vs 1 but then when it's your turn to fight 2 vs 1 you do the same. Simply put I'm tired of changing the teams on a weekly basis just to be raged at the following day about being bias. If you get tired of 2 min crystal capping wars and want the command to be added back then sort it out among yourselves and don't involve me. Fun PVP is in your hands now not mine so if you cannot sort it out together then out of luck I guess.

Sorry for the downer but it had to be said, now on to the patch notes apologies for any none PVP players or small guild players who had to read that.


Feedback thread!


Main Content

  • Added 3 New Quest Maps:
    • Fostmorn Mountains
    • Grumond Grassland
    • Fallmyst Weald





  • Added new Legendary Pets.
    • Legendary pets will have 3 Skills and 3 Pray Skills and upon leveling them to 4 stars there is a chance to learn a 4th skill.
    • All 4th skills are brand new custom pet skills.
    • All Pray's on Legendary pets are improved versions of the ones found on Prime pets.
    • To start off the Legendary pets we've added all currently missing Senshi from Twin Saga to Eden and these will be the first set of Legendary pets to be available. Older Prime Pets will recieve Legendary versions upon request / upon patch.





  • Multiple Class Reworks and Balance Changes (Check the next post for more information).
    • [Major Rework] Shielder
    • [Major Rework] Glacial Knight
    • [Major Rework] Blood Knight
    • [Major Rework] Elegant Dancer
    • [Major Rework] Devil Hunter
    • [Minor Rework] Rakshasa
    • [Minor Rework] Gravity Manipulator
    • [Changes] Beserker
    • [Changes] Paladin
    • [Changes] Mecha Ares
    • [Changes] Adjudicator
    • [Changes] Life Worshipper (Mainly to compensate for the Elegant Dancer Rework).
    • [Changes] Angel of Justice
    • [Changes] Time Manipulator




  • Increase the Core Stat Cap of 9999 to 19999.
  • Class Pets will now recieve "Pack Master" buff in Territory War, Guild vs Guild and Guild Arena.
    • Note: This is not given in Normal Class Territory War.
  • Updated the Territory War player buff to grant 25% DMG Reduction from 15% DMG Reduction.
  • All Vendetta exclusive P-Healing Heavy Armor sets now grant base G-Healing just like a Healing set would.
  • Multiple levels of the Gun enchant will no longer stack, highest level will always take priority on the stack.
    • Note: Broken Shell is unchanged.
  • Added Arcane Box formula's for all HP & MP Potions level 90+.
  • Created Nelle's Pet Battle Skills Handbook 3 which contains all 3rd slot skills and a selection of none 3rd slot skills that grant books exclusive to the 3rd slot on your pet.
  • Increased the success rate of learning a 3rd Slot Skill on Prime Pets when reaching 4 stars.
  • Updated the icon for "Daylight Crystal".




  • Added 1HD Version of "Heaven's Lambency (Legendary)".
  • Added 1HD Version of "Judgment Blade".
  • Added 70 New Mounts from Twin Saga.
    • Note: These come in both Prime and Legendary.
  • Added 51 New Pets from Twin Saga.
    • Note: These are the new Legendary Pets.













Bug Fixes

  • Major optimization to the game system that will remove a great deal of possible lag when swapping gears or someone swapping gears within a distance to you.
  • Fixed the base stats of "Steel Dragon's Guardians".
  • Fixed the base stats of "Awaken Dragon of the iron Fortress".
  • Fixed an issue with Warrior/Beserker/Shielder Clas Talent "Weapon Master" was not working when using a Pike.



Thank you for playing at Eden Eternal Vendetta.

Make sure to check the thread linked at the top for the in-depth information on Class Changes!


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