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Eden Eternal Graphical Bugs


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  • VGN GM

Hey everyone, recently there has been a large amount of graphical issues that have been popping up. We're still trying to gather information on this issue and trying to figure out what the root cause of this issue is but we believe it to be exclusive to Nvidia and something that was caused by one of their drivers.

We do not have a permenant solution. However, a quick fix to the issue is to go to your clients installation folder (Usually "C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Eden Eternal Vendetta") and located the folder called Temp. Simply while the game is closed delete this folder and then run the game and all the issues should be resolve. I cannot guarantee this will fix every single graphical issue the game may have nore can I promise this fix is permenant. However, it has proven to solve all cases so far and if we figure out a more stable solution I will post an update here and announce in game.

This issue is on both Eden Eternal (Awaken) and Eden Eternal (Classic) and relates to any 3D model that contains what is known as a "Glow Mask". These include ALL important Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga content along with SOME Eden Eternal content.

If anyone has any additional information on fixes please contact me via ticket. Thank you!

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