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Patch v64

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Hey everyone, just a small patch to update some things while we're still working on the next major content. I hope to bring you some previews by next week 😜.

Just as a further noticed incase anyone missed it, there seems to be some players experiancing graphical issues in regards to some items in game, please check this post out if you are effected by any graphical issues:



  • Updated the effect of the gem "Leg Gem: Runner"
    • Original: Your attacks and casts have a 1% chance to increase Move SPD +1% for 5 seconds, stacks 20 times.Your
    • New: Your attacks will increase Move SPD +1% for 3 seconds, stacks 20 times.
  • Increased the dungeon entrance count to 5 for the following dungeons:
    • Kahlo Tower <Dimension Trial>
    • Graylin <Dimension Trial>
    • Meteor Crater <Dimension Trial>
    • Rheutear Temple <Dimension Trial>
    • Trial: Camodor Chastelands
    • Trial: Dark Tide Cave
    • Trial: Vingot Lab
    • Trial: Devastation Dimension
  • Updated the following quests to require less materials:
    • L106. Melting Troubles IV
    • L106. Icy Worries III
    • L106. Taking Action III
    • L109. Illness III
    • L109. Illness IV
    • L109. Strange Happenings I
    • L109. Strange Happenings II
    • L109. Finding A Cure III
    • L112. The Blight Bringers III
    • L112. The Blight Bringers IV
    • L106. Frostmorn History I
    • L106. Something Odd II
    • L109. Grumond History I
    • L109. Something Strange I
    • L112. Fallmyst History I
    • L112. Something Sinister I


Bug Fixes

  • The following equipment debuffs will now appear on the debuff bar:
    • Dug's Shovel
    • Draconem's Dragonkin Soul
    • Draconem's Bonetooth Blade
    • Zarloe's Blight Soul
    • Wisvyras Impure Jewel
    • Machors Broken Horn
    • Draglings Dismembered Tailbone


Text Fixes

  • Updated the description of Adjudicator Skill "Dragon Strike" for clarity.
  • Fixed the description of item "Formula: Thunder Dragon's Blood".



Thank you all and have a nice day!

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