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Hello there~!


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I thought I'd post an introduction as well.

Hiya. I'm an Aiko.
&& Hopefully the only Aiko on TSV.
I'm apart of the guild <owo>.
I've been apart of this community since the launch of VGN's Eden Eternal
buuuuuuuutt... I've been terribly inactive due to other games and school/hospital work.
Also lots of drawing as well. Oops. (current wip)
I hope to play with everyone for a long time!

About me? Ahhh..
I'm an asian grill "gamer".
I'm 23 turning 24 in October.
In medical school and on my last year. (Ayee! We did it, boys!)
I'm also helplessly in love and have been for the past 2 years and a half.

My favorite classes in TS so far are Grenadier and Gunslinger.
I like to play Overwatch as well. (but tbh, I'm TERRIBLE. I play like a potato.)
But I'm more than willing to get on and play it with you if I'm not busy!

Is this too long? I'm sorry but this is just so exciting.

IGN on both EE & TS: Aiko

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