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Patch v65

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Hey everyone, just giving you all a quick update. I know there is a couple of suggestions waiting and some changes to some classes planned but we've had to hold back on the Awaken server side of things due to the ongoing patch work for the next content update. As I've stated in the past its very hard to update things when another update is in the works so I've been trying my best to work around this so changes aren't being neglected. We will have a new patch preview coming this week and I'm trying my best to get it done as fast as I can!



  • Added a confirmation button when clicking Reset UI.
  • Added the Old School jump as a selectable Emote skill for all classes.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the animations on casting that became bugged with the release of Inquisitor.





  • Fixed the Territory War party members colour so they now appear blue as expected.
  • Updated the text on Guild Building Reapir for clarity.


Enjoy yourselves ❤️

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