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Hey everyone, I will be going over those PvP changes over the next few days and compiling a list of changes that will be made over the coming month or so. So if you want to add anything you've got a bit of time left to do so. I will be posting the compiled list after it has been made on its own thread so it can be discussed further for any final opinions before making any changes.


Bug Fixes

  • Disabled Captcha within Temple Arena.
  • Disabled Captcha within Sky Tower.
  • Fixed Equilibrian Skill "Heavenly Scriptures of Despair" so now that it deals Holy DMG as intended.
  • Fixed Life Worshipper SKill "Sleep is for the Weak" so that now all effected members recieve the Sleep Immunity.
  • Fixed <Ancient Fossil> Pachy's Skill "Forbidden Cut" so that it now reduces Move SPD instead of ATK SPD as intended.
  • Fixed the buff icon for Blizzard Iron Wolf (Prime) and Blizzard Iron Wolf (Legendary).


Text Fixes

  • Fixed the description of Dragon Emperor Skill "Dragon Emperor Leadership".
  • Fixed the description of Equilibrian Skill "Divine Circle".
  • Fixed materials listed for "Formula: Ring Enchant - Dragon Scale Lv4".
  • Fixed materials listed for "Formula: Necklace Enchant - Strike Lv4".
  • Fixed materials listed for "Blueprint: Hand Gem: Blood Trace".
  • Fixed the description for the achievment "I've Got My Eye on You".


Thank You 😍

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