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Happy Anniversary!

We've been cooking up a nice event for the 5 year anniversary of Eden Eternal Vendetta!

We've got lots of goodies to give away and a lot of cool content to be earned through playing during the event. I hope you all have a wonderful time!

During the first week of the event there will be a +200% EXP and CP event on going.

The Anniversary Event will last until the Thursday the 8th of October 2020.


Anniversary Boss

This years Anniversary Boss is <Vendetta's Golden Alpaca> Alpaca!

He isn't just a push over! So make sure you join together with your fellow Eternal Guardians to take him down to earn some nice rewards!


Located in Aven (X:331, Y:321).

Respawn time is every 4 hours after being killed.


Anniversary Quest

There is so many quests to do this year that you won't have any time to be sitting around in Aven being lazy! We have plenty of daily quests and a good handful of single completion quests! Make sure to complete all your dailys to maximise your rewards while not neglecting your single completion quests!

Make sure to check your unaquired quest list to get started with the quests!

Note: Limited to level 100 and above players (Dragonridge Sanctuary and Haven of Oblivion quests limited to level 115 players and above).


Located in Aven (X:334, Y:350).


Anniversary Rewards

There is many rewards to be obtained from this event that are exclusive event rewards!

To name a just a few:

Dimension of Soul Pets!


Sprite Pets!


Aura Kindgom Lion Mounts!


Golden Anniversary Costumes!



Anniversary Gift

To reward you all for your dedication to Eden Eternal Vendetta or even to welcome you to Eden Eternal Vendetta there will be a free Happy Anniversary Box available for the next 2 weeks on the Event Page!

This package contains the following items:

  • Alpaca Hot Air Balloon (Legendary)
  • Eden Eternal Party Balloon (Legendary)
  • Treasure: Mysterious Rhythmic Clapper * 2
  • Treasure: Mysterious Alpaca Party Hearty Horn
  • Eden Crystal * 5
  • Corona's Heartflame Lv120 * 3
  • Corona's Stardust Lv120 * 3
  • Corona's Essence Lv120 * 3

Note: All items in the Happy Anniversary Box are Not Tradable.
Note: The Happy Anniversary Box requires a level 100 character to be opened!


Anniversary Daily Login

We've updated the Daily Login bonuses for the duration of the Anniversary Event!

The updated Daily Login page now gives lots of a Anniversary related items as well as better than normal Daily Login bonuses to celebrate the event!

Note: Everyone will start from day 1 regardless of past progression!



Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer join guilds during Territory War regardless if the guild is in Territory War or not.
  • Fixed an issue where early dungeons where giving random buffs related to Normal Class Territory War.
  • Applied a fix to Twin Saga imported maps to fix Auto-Pathing and loading screen problems. Maps effected:
    • Ruins of Ages
    • Dragons Keep
    • Palace of Dreams
    • Royal Trove
    • Note: Trial versions, regular dungeons and Haven of Oblivion versions have all been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Demon Summoner skill "Demon Summon" where the pet level was not increased with the pet level.



Happy Anniversary Eden Eternal Vendetta!

Thank you for the many years of support!


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