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180 speed bike


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I'm talking about upgrades that any Vendetta owner can do to their own this bike to make it lighter and more aero, within reasonable cost.

Example topics: What's the best overall front and rear wheel configuration that isn't too nervous in crosswinds?

How to build your own disc wheel. What's the most aero handlebar?

What kind of accessories (e.g. storage boxes) will improve air flow?

Does putting tape on parts such as cranks improve air flow?

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When it comes to bike upgrade keys. There's a NPC in Mereholt base as you go up the ramps that you can take the bikes you buy from Davison in Enocia. You will need to make sure that you have the correct number of keys and you can take those bikes to make them tradeable as well as upgradable to 180.

There is also a NPC in Amara and Suer where you can get a bike that will travel up to 180 using the keys and 50 unique toolbox thing and 25 unique helmets I believe. Once you obtain the first tier bike you can upgrade that bike again at the NPC to get a bike that will have a move speed of 190, but you again will need a upgrade key and even more unique toolbox and helmets.

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