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Patch v75

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Hey everyone the wait is finally over for the next Eden Eternal Awaken server patch!

Sorry for the delays this patch was a handful to complete but we finally made it and will package it as a Christmas gift for you all!

New Stats Added:

  • PVE Damage Dealt: Increases/Decreases DMG Dealt to monsters!
  • PVE Damage Taken: Increases/Decreases DMG Taken from monsters!
  • PVP Damage Dealt: Increases/Decreases DMG Dealt to players!
    • Note: This varient of the stat is not currently in use anywhere as of right now.
  • PVP Damage Taken: Increases/Decreases DMG Taken from players!
  • PVE Cast Speed: Increases/Decreases Cast Speed while not in a PVP Map.
  • PVP Cast Speed: Increases/Decreases Cast Speed while in a PVP Map.
    • Note: This varient of the stat is not currently in use anywhere as of right now.





Abyss is our new content that will reward players with new armor sets (Level 115).

To access Abyss head to Whispering Woods (X:351,Y:119) and step into the portal.



Abyss has a total of 5 dungeons:

  • Abyss: Fox Sanctuary: Open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Abyss: Stygian Core: Open Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Abyss: Hall of the Molten King: Open Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Abyss: Stygian Peak: Open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Abyss: Phoenix Prison: Open Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.




To craft the armor in Abyss you must purchase a formula from one of the Traders:

  • Heavy Armor is purchased from Byers.
  • Light Armor is purchased from Scourage.
  • Cloth Armor is purchased from Cynthia.



When crafting armor you will require 2 different materials per piece. You will require an Essence and a Fragment. The fragment will correspond with the piece you are trying to craft, so a Head Armor Piece will require a Abyss Head Armor Fragment. The essence on the other hand will be one of five different types and the Head and Body will match and the Belt, Gloves and Boots will also match.

You will always need 5 Armor Fragments to craft a piece of armor and the amount of essence required will depend on what piece you are crafting:

  • Head: 6 Essences.
  • Body: 8 Essences.
  • Waist: 3 Essences.
  • Hand: 5 Essences.
  • Feet: 6 Essences.


As for the armor itself we have improved the stats of the armor across the board and additionally added some new armor types to get.

To list some of the changes:

  • Armors give 3 bonus stats now instead of 2 bonus stats.
  • There is now a healing heavy armor.
  • There is now a full healing light armor.
  • There is now a EVA healing cloth armor.
  • Heavy Armors for damage users now give magic stats.


We have looked into feedback into the Haven on Oblivion and improved on the system for this dungeon. Essences will drop in higher volume to make your time more rewarding. Additionally, we've made the both an RNG bag for the Armor Blueprints but also straight up purchases. Meaning if you are feeling unlucky then you can purchase them for a higher price but have a 100% chance of getting the Blueprint you want.



Christmas Content

  • You can claim a free gift package from the Events page!



  • Vendetta Treasurey has been opened once again!
  • Aven has been decorated with some nice decorations!





  • Updated the Aven Fame cap to 105000.
    • Note: You can now use level 115 Materials to increase your Aven Fame!
  • Added new Fame Gear to Frostmorn Mountain, Grumond Grassland and Fallmyst Weald.




  • Druid transforms can no longer be removed by transformation effects.
  • Added Pike & Sickleshot Formula's to <Blueprint Seller> Elika.



Happy Holidays Eden Eternal Vendetta!

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