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Abyss Updates

  • Reduced the trade price of all essences from 200 souls to 150 souls.
  • Reduced the trade price of all pets froms 500 souls to 250 souls.
  • Bosses will now give two Random Abyss Soul Bag's pet kill instead of one.
  • Boss Esh-Baal's debuff Enhanced Burning Bomb will now be removed when leaving the dungeon.
  • Boss Willow One-Eye's Lava Mound's should despawn when he dies.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Elementalist Charm Necklace to appear in the debuff bar instead of the buff bar.
  • Fixed Robust Essence Necklace to appear in the debuff bar instead of the buff bar.
  • Fixed the Double Hit part of the pet skill Falling Cherry Blossom.


Text Updates

  • Fixed the description of the Dark Ninja Set: 5-Piece Effect to say Double Hit Rate as intended.
  • Updated the description of the following pet skills:

     - Slam
     - Resonating Blow
     - Earth Shock
     - Winter's Chill
     - Magic Blockade
     - Swift Attack
     - Ambush
     - Collapsing Blow
     - Spirit Scar
     - Light's Sanction
     - Vocal Bomb
     - Rage of Storms
     - Resistance Collapse
     - Deadly Icicle
     - Nightmare Attack
     - Frenzied Flurry
     - Unstoppable
     - Illusionary Strike
     - Champion's Stance
     - Flame Brand
     - Frost Might
     - Sanctum Response
     - Arc Paralysis
     - Battle Wounds
     - Dark Smile
     - Fatality Blade
     - Falling Cherry Blossom
     - Destroy Armor
     - Shadowless Sword
     - Sacred Barrier
     - Nameless Aura


Enjoy your day!

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