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We've made some very interesting changes for this patch that mostly center around the games PvP. These changes are directly aimed at the PvP which is currently in the game but is not really active in the hopes that we can make these active once more. There is also some more changes to come during this month so read on for more information.

Any generic changes or bug fixes will be located at the bottom of the thread. There has also been some changes based on new players that are located with the generic changes and bug fixes too.



Elysian Island

Following the changes we made to the Classic server back in August last year we found that we made a lot of good moves in boosting the activity of these gamemode so we would like to replicate this success to the Awaken server.




  • Elysian Island now requires players to be atleast level 100 to enter the island. This is to improve the quality and balance of PvP within the Island. Bosses have also been scaled to be equivilent to end game content in terms of DMG and HP.
  • Rewards have been completely reworked following a similar approach to what we took on our Classic Server. Rewards will be listed below!
    Note: Ranking based rewards will not be updated until next week due to the monthly reset being today. However, the rewards are listed below for reference.
  • A new special type of bucket has been added to the map that will spawn once Guranzon has been defeated. These buckets will drop a Elysian's Golden Bucket which will contain enhanced prizes compared to the standard Elysian's Bizarre Bucket that is dropped normally. Only 7 of these Bucket's will be spawned per opening of Elysian Island and they will be announced in the zone chat once they spawn so keep your eye's peeled.
  • Battle pets are now disabled. We feel this is the best and most sensible environment for PvP.
  • Friendly Fire has been disabled. Although this change was already active in the current version of Elysian Island there was a lot of bugs and issues with it. These bugs where fixed during the Classic rework and have now been replicated to the Awaken rework. No more will your Mecha Missles kill your healer!
  • Gear Forge Stones have been reworked to give more EXP and be more valuable of a prize.
  • The spawn systems in the map have been reworked completely. Bosses should now spawn correctly after a short delay between killing. Hamrick should only spawn 6 times a match now but will give much better rewards. Bucket's spawn location RNG should be vastly improved making it harder to predict where the barrel has spawned.



Elysian Treasure Chest

This reward is granted from killing boss monsters within Elysian Island.

A maximum of 17 of these per player can be earned in a single match.



Elysian's Ultimate Treasure Chest

This reward is granted to the player who hands in the Demon's Resentment to the Guardian Tribal Leader.

Only a single one of these can be earned in a single match.



Elysian's Golden Bucket

This reward is granted to players who are lucky enough to find the Golden Buckets that have a chance appear after Guranzon has been defeated and players kill random monsters within the map.

Only seven of these appear during a single match.



Elysian's Bizarre Bucket

This reward is granted to players who destroy Bizarre Buckets that are scattered around the island.



Elysian Golden Gift Box

This reward is granted to the top ranked player at the monthly ranking reset.



Elysian Silver Gift Box

This reward is granted to both the second highest ranked player and the third highest ranked player at the monthly ranking reset.



Elysian Bronze Gift Box

This reward is granted to both the fourth highest ranked player and the fith highest ranked player at the monthly ranking reset.



Elysian Winners Gift Bag

This reward is granted to all players between rank six and rank ten at the monthly ranking reset.



Elysian Runner Up Gift Bag

This reward is granted to all players between rank eleven and rank twenty at the monthly ranking reset




3v3 Changes

We have applied some Quality of Life changes to help improve the activity of 3v3 arena. Some of these changes are based on community feedback and some of these changes are based on experience. I will be giving some details on each change to give you some insight on why each change was made.


Updated Ranking Rewards

We have updated the ranking rewards for 3v3 greatly to incentivise players to participate. The rewards will be distributed as such:

  • Rank 1 will recieve King's Energy Gift Box * 5
  • Rank 2 will recieve King's Energy Gift Box * 4
  • Rank 3 will recieve King's Energy Gift Box * 3
  • Rank 4 - 10 will recieve King's Energy Gift Box * 2
  • Rank 11 - 20 will recieve King's Energy Gift Box * 1


Note: Ranking based rewards will not be updated until next week due to the monthly reset being today. However, the rewards are listed below for reference.


Updated Daily Quest Reward

You will now recieve a single PvP Token from the daily quest each day along side the Territory Chest * 2 that is already on the quest reward.


Now only open at certain times

For many years it was always a heavyily suggested idea to make arena open all day (I was one of these people suggesting this). However, over the years I've found that infact this has the opposite effect on activity. This is down to the fact that if you funnel all the players who want to queue to queue at a specific time you will get more players queuing at the same time and also more ongoing matches at the same time making repeat matches less common and also reduces the need for people to throw in alts just to get the queue to pop. This also hinders players from boosting rewards in arena by finding a low activity time in the day and then spamming it with alts.


Updated the Player Buff inside Arena

We've updated the HP of this buff and added DMG Reduction to be more than what you would have in a Territory War to help defend against the high damage the Awaken Classes deal. To compensate this we've had to perform some handicaps to balance this out. So all healing has been reduce significantly including HP recovery based on percentages such as skills like Feather Steps.

We know this change is going to be hard to judge from as we'd have to see it in action before we can judge how effective it is. So we can only ask for feedback and patience on this change so that we can improve it over time.


Removed the Honor Star Potion Seller

Although it has always been a nice feature to beable to purchase stat potions and immunity potions to counter some classes within the arena a lot of players also find this to be kinda unfair. If you're using more Honor Stars than what you win from the Arena overall its a net loss in participation. Therefore it gives a huge advantage to those with Honor Stars to burn while players who are struggling to earn Honor Stars suffer.


Can no longer Class Change during a match

This change was made a few months back on Classic when the arena activity was high as there is many ways to abuse the Class Change system during a match. Doing things such as going invisible changing to a healer class and then reviving dead teammates before changing back.

However, this does not mean Class Changing is completely disabled during Arena matches. You can now change class during the preparation time and at the start of the match.


Removed Class Specific Participation Recommended Events

This does not mean the Physical Resistance Daily Event buff has been removed. It's just simply been replace with none-class specific Recommended Events. We made this change as if people are queuing for their event at the very least they can still enjoy the match without having to play on a class that they may not like or may not even have geared.


Disabled Battle Pets

This change was made back in Patch v66 but will also be kept and is just being highlighted with this list of changes. This change is just to improve the competitive integrity of a PvP match.



PvP Token Rewards

We have added a new reward system into the game for participating in PvP events that are not guild based (Currently Elysian Island and 3v3). These Token's can be exchanged in Aven with Arena Admin Kimoso (X:,Y:) for various prizes. Currently these prizes are as follows:

  • Mimic Class Costume Treasure Legendaries
  • Illusionist Class face makeup Treasure Legendaries
  • Eden Crystals
  • Eternal Coins
  • Crystal Cross Medals
  • Honor Stars

We have many plans to increase the amount of available prizes in future but as of the current moment this is what is available.



Specific PvP Mode Changes

We have disabled the following PvP Modes:

  • Monster Battle Arena
  • 1v1 Arena
  • 10v10 Arena
  • Temple Arena

More information provided below!


Monster Battle Arena

I've been watching the rankings for this mode for a couple of months now and from my own experience have found that this mode is just generally never going to be popular. It had a small niche of players on Classic for a couple of months but it inevitably died way before the games activity dropped and even making a boat load of changes as suggested by MBA players it didn't really help much at all and just ended up becoming an Class Medal boosting ground.

So I have made the decision for atleast the time being to Permanently Disable this mode for the near future. If anyone has any suggestions that could maybe bring new life to this mode then I'm open ears but as many would likely agree the mode has pretty much been dead since 70/75 cap on Official Server.


1v1 Arena

Similar story to Monster Battle Arena most players just queue this to boost for the Medal above your head and don't actually actively play the mode. I'm not ruling out that this mode will be Permanently Disabled like MBA is but I cannot say for definite if/when this will return.


10v10 Arena

Unlike the above two mentioned modes this mode has had some flares of activity and was particularly active on Classic for a good amount of time sometimes even having two queues running at the same time. Now I cannot say for sure that this mode will return in the same state or even in a similar state to what it is now. However, I will say I do have some plans to bring the back in the next month or so with a vast amount of changes. So atleast for now this is only a Temporary change.


Temple Arena

Temple Arena some of you might question why this has been disabled and I know some will go straight to a thread of game chat to slander me about it. But the fact of the matter is when you think honestly and truthfully about this mode what does it provide you other than the trophies? Has anyone ever queued this to actually have a fun PvP experiance. Because I know I've never queued it for fun and I've queued Deserted Island more times for fun than I have Temple Arena and nobody bat an eyelid over that being disabled. Like honestly in the current state it's a bad feature for the game to have as it punishes players who don't have alts as they're unable to gain access to gear within the game that others with alts have access to and often times have to result to asking people to queue in peer chat for help getting inside.

So now that leaves the trophies in limbo. Now I want to say that I already have plans of what to do with this mode and how to change it. But I don't want to go into detail about it yet until I've made atleast something funtional and had some internal thoughts on the matter first. However, what I will say is that its my primary focus on being the next context to be implemented so you can expect an ETA of this month atleast.



Other PvP Changes

Disabled Normal Class TW Guild Honor Points

You will no longer recieve Guild vs Guild Honor Points from Normal Class Territory Wars.

We have made this change due to a lot of guilds primarily using Normal Class Territory War as a boosting ground to get Alternate Guilds into Guild vs Guild. While I already have measures in place to stop these Alternate Guilds from gaining anything from being in Guild vs Guild I would also like to take the time to clean up Normal Class TW in the hopes that if there is a small community who enjoy this mode then atleast it's available and not just people standing in a corner killing alts like it is at the moment.


Disabled Arena Enchant's and Arena Badges

This being one of the main points that ruins arena for everyone. This change has been discussed in length many times on previous discussion threads so feel free to look back on them for discussions on the matter. I will say thought that I have not disabled Arena Sets at this time. I feel like if someone was to use an Arena Set they would be at disadvantage anyway over someone using an Awaken 110 or Abyss 115 Set. So I felt like a change like this is un-necessary.



New Player Changes

We've applied some changes to help newer players get into the game faster. This involves updating the older gear such as Awaken Armor and Awaken Weapon's so that they can get to the Abyss and Haven gear standard quicker.


Dragon Trials

Increased the amount of Dragon Trial Coin's rewarded by the repeatable quests to 2 from 1.


Awaken Armor Level 110

Increased the rates for all Quest Related Monster Drops significantly.

Reduced the required amounts of Dragonside Ridge Monster drops from 35 to 20.

Reduced the required amounts of Multiplayer Dungeon Boss drops from 15 to 10.


Awaken Weapons Level 100

Increased the rates for all Quest Related Monster Drops significantly.

Reduced the require amounts of Monster Kills by two thirds.

Reduced the required amounts of Monster drops by half.



Other Changes

Updated the Activity Window to be more up-to-date.

Updated the error message provided when using Reality Potions in Haven of Oblivion and Abyss dungeons.

Updated the Icon for the Twin Saga Pet Robust Phoenix and Magic Phoenix.



Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with Blade Master Amputate combo where the knockdown duration would be of an inconsistent duration.

Fixed an issue with Blade Acrobat Enhance Sword Dance only working on the first target and being removed by Auto-Attacks.

Fixed a text issue with Blade Acrobat Class Talent Blade Dance.

Fixed a texture issue with the mount Guardian Dragon - White Haze.


Enjoy Murdering Each Other!

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