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Patch v84


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General Changes

  • Sakura Island is now considered a Battlefield Map.
    • Note: Cannot use items that are disabled on Battlefield's.
  • Baby Phoenix and Green Bean Phoenix are now disabled on Battlefield Maps.
  • Added Geartech Moto (Prime) to the Archive.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed and issue with level 7, 8, 9 and (Enhanced) stat potions where higher level potions would not override.
  • Fixed the text that appears when trying to delete un-collected mail.
  • Fixed the text that appears when deleting multiple mails.
  • Fixed Rakshasa Skill Shrouded Haste so it now lasts 10 seconds.
  • Fixed Rakshasa Class Talent Wind Borne so that it only gives Move SPD +5% and HP Recovery +5% as intended.
  • Fixed Trainer Skill Swift Shot so it now decreases Move SPD when used with Sukoda spawned as intended.
  • Fixed Annihilator Skill Rainbow Ammo was not removed when changing map.
  • Fixed Annihilator Skill Siege Mode was not removed when changing map.
  • Fixed Demon Tamer Pitch Black Impact was only giving -50% Move SPD on very rare occasions.
  • Fixed Demon Tamer Oblivion Impact was always giving -30% Move SPD and never -50% Move SPD.


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