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Hello, I am having trouble recovering my previous account. that's why I had to create another account. I tried to reset my password many times, I followed the directions every time and unfortunately I get the same error every time: "ERROR: Some information given was incorrect. Unable to process request." Please help me becouse I don't know what to do to restore my account.

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  • VGN GM

Make sure you're trying to recover your IN-GAME account on the main website here. Be sure to also select the correct method of recovering, whether it be via email or account.

The system is working as it should be - just tested it myself on a few test accounts and both email and account sent the email as it should.

If you're 100% sure that the information you're submitting is correct, you can try making an account with that same information. If it goes through, then the information is wrong for the account you're trying to recover.


If you're trying to recover a forum account, under the existing user drop down, there is a Recover Account button you can select to recover the FORUM account.

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