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Loot and MOBs


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Amara RP Mobs and 60+ BGs - CP pots, change all CP pots to 800 from their lower values, though FK and RG side are different depending on the BG. Might discuss what changes to standard loot and what can rely on the RNG later.

60+ BGs - Would like to see an increase in uni costumes and caps of the newer type. Remember the more these items drop the easier it is for people to craft rare costumes onto them, that require a uni grafting tool(AP item) and a rare costume(often AP item). As purchased AP items are good for the server.

TP 60+ guards - Mid guards on box for FK side, the one RG attack, has two shooter guards, instead of 1 melee guard and 1 shooter guard like all other boxes have.

RP mobs - RG side do hit harder, as I've noticed with 1 SW on both sides with similar everything except 1 rank difference with mixed uni and rare void pierce jewels over a full set of rare void pierce jewel. I can submit video to show damage differences if you wish to evaluate them. 

I am not here to say RG have it worse and FK have it better. These differences are slight at best, but significant enough that I notice a difference. I'm not doing this to bring up an argument, just pointing it out to maybe look at it.


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