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Civil Request~


GF Classic Server  

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  1. 1. Would you want VGN to make a GF Classic Server?

    • Yes, we would LOVE it if they would.
    • No. It's done too late for a new GF server.

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I know it's been shot down before in the past, but I just wanna throw it out there that we still have not given up on VGN making a Grand Fantasia server. Most of us still have a small sliver of hope that it will eventually happen. I just wanted to make this thread so you all can see and remember the support from the people wanting a new Grand Fantasia server and hopefully that might strike a spark to get somewhere if y'all can see a promising crowd that will show their support.

This thread is not to bash anyone or anything and will be asked to be closed immediately if flaming occurs. 

Thank you! ❤️

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I voted yes for solidariety, but we all know admins here lack of time for upgrades and stuff for another game, they already have hard time supporting what we have. But I remember they said if the things will go better, GF will be the game with most chances to come in Vendetta.

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