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  1. Putin dies and he obviously goes to hell, but he earns a day off for his bad behavior. So he goes to Moscow, he enters in the secret bar of Kremlin, he orders a drink, and he asks the bartender: Is Crimea ours? Yes, it is. And the Donbas? Also ours. And Kiev? We got it, too. Happy, Putin asks, "How much do I owe you?" "Five dollars."
  2. If it was 2019, it was in this server. If you remember name, mail and passwords, you can log in it and transfer all gold and items using in game mails, Gloria market or a friend.
  3. Wooooooo, yessss, I know very well your job! You need a set of clothes they wore at least once. Do not wash them. You also need a lock of hair and a valuable possession of them, mitt, toys, whatever, as long as they cherished the thing. Ad I'm also sure, nobody ever asked for their money back! You are "The Dollmaker" !
  4. There is a link lost around this forum, or download the missing file from internet and put it in Scarlet Blade folder. Look at the version 64 or 32.
  5. Till Barbirion (lev 39) even a decent DPS can aggro a bunch of mobs and enjoy killing them in a slaughter. By Nemesis this starts to become harder and harder.
  6. Resist datachip is one of the best ones for every class in every range. And one of the first chips to upgrade to level 2 when you have a chance.
  7. I remember I asked for this in Aeria. Sometimes, an event day (or even some hours only) when every player of every level can enter in every map, even Caergate, Viledon, and even lowbies can enter in Nemesis or Ellis, just for fun or look. In Aeria I suggested a monster spawn event happening in a random map or few random maps in that time. But old staff said no.
  8. Mmmm, nah. And by the way, the npcs will end up attacking each others, like it happens in Dragon Valley.
  9. 1- Ok. 2- No. 3- No, just increase baby bunker till 59. Or at least 58 if 59 stay for big bunker. 4- Ok for quests, but no rank in Nemesis V2, it should be a ghost map only.
  10. I agree, make the "solo mode" avaliable in 2 players also, if it's possible.
  11. The second password can be removed, but I don't know if a player can do it. Try to send a ticket asking to skip forever the secondary password.
  12. Hey Uzo, I wish you the best of luck!
  13. As an history teacher, I know the history repeat itself again and again forever. So I must post this old song. 1956. Prime Minister Imre Nagy is speaking here. Today at dawn the Soviet troops attacked our capital with the clear intention of overthrowing the legal and democratic government of Hungary. Our troops are engaged in combat. The government is in its place. I communicate this fact to the people of our country and to the whole world.
  14. Jennifer Connelly + David Bowie said that.
  15. Remember there are 2 kinds of ultimate skills, one is level 25-35-45, the other one is level 40-50. They share the same cooldown, so if you think you prefere to use just one (for example, in punisher I use just Bullet Vibe, because Havoc sucks), you can buy just one ultimate and its upgrade(s).
  16. I think those dungeons (Vortex, Temple and Spaceship) will never be fixed, there are so few players running it, and they run it in higher levels just to sell the drops. It means level 39-49 run Vortex, level 49-51 run Temple and level 49-56 run Spaceship (still pretty hard for a 49 full +12).
  17. You can't be level 0. Game begins in level 1 and your first quest should ask to equip a weapon. The daily quests start in Mereholt terminals by level 21. There are 3 daily quests each level till 30. Plus 3 daily quests in Drasilmarsh dungeon from 21 to 25. Plus 3 daily quests in Bittercore dungeon from 26 to 30. From level 31 to 39 you have 6 dailies each level in Barbirion terminals. Plus 3 dailies in Sub Factory dungeon from 31 to 35 and 3 in Ignis Vortex Dungeon from 36 to 39. From level 30 to 39 you also see daily quests in Viledon, from the NPC girl Selena. You start from 5 dailies, then in level 33 you see a new one, in level 35 another one, in level 38 another one and in 39 another one (but it removes the level 38 one). By level 40 to 42 there are 3 daily quests each level in Scylla terminals (once completed the main quests). From 40 to 49 there are plenty of daily quests in Nemesis: from Cecille NPC and from terminals (to see terminal ones you need to complete main quests). From 50 to 54 you see 8 or 9 daily quests each level in Ellis terminal (once you completed main quests). And also 3 daily quests pop up every day automatically till the end of the game. They become 4 by level 61 if you complete Disguided Ship dungeon.
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