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  1. There is something very very wrong in your avatar. Did you ever noticed?
  2. Why do you want to remove the name of the mobs? will you fight random? By the way, this: Options, Settings, Interface, the first column: Display Name, unthick Mob, and also NPC if you want. And if you still see his energy bar that may annoy you in the same way of the name, Options, Settings, Battle Info, the first column: Display Overhead Status, unthick Mob Status.
  3. At least you can rearrrange the skills in different positions, related to Pve or Pvp. If you look the 1-0 skills in your bottom page, click the down arrow in the right of the zero and you see the rearrangements 2 and 3. The number 3 contains the mech skills, in the number 2 you can chose the skills you like to form new combos.
  4. I remember in Aeria someone was working to make one skill able to be used even mounted in bike, and someone else was even working to add a kind of skill to make the pet more active in combat, like launch a little buff or make a little shot against the enemy. But after all those speechs, the game shout down. Damn.
  5. It still seems a matter of levels then. I thought the issue was solved.
  6. Are there 190 speed bikes in game?
  7. If I had to chose a song to describe Scarlet Blade in 2013, the song fitting better was definitely "It's raining men" :
  8. Are you RG? I can give you some gears to improve in 29 and 39. 20-24 stuff drop in Drasilmarsh dungeon. 25-29 in Bitterstone Core dungeon. 30-34 in Sub Factory dungeon.
  9. Know what? There still is a "pvp agoge" called Bloodsould, avaliable 20 minuted eveery 4 hours for levels 30-39. You enter there from Viledon base. And I know the portal still spawns in Amara, but it does not work (cause it requires level 39 max). If Vivi put that tiny portal avaliable for 59+, it can be the Agoge map with some pvp.
  10. It's not mine. But yes that person in Aeria were making class spacific songs. Sadly I found just Punisher, Shadow Walker and Defender, and I can't find his website (Armed Fate - Dark Vision) any more. Do you want I upload the songs I have of SW and Defender?
  11. Uhm, these are marked as Queen's Blade outfits: I think the first one is from the guards defending RBM in mid Nemesis, but the other two? I never saw them in game. Are there some NPCs in your scripts that are still not used in game?
  12. As you asked, look at this for Punisher song:
  13. Maybe for event dungeons/maps, like you did for Seona Dungeon and the Crazy Spaceship.
  14. I made this suggestion around two years ago.
  15. I said, if you 40+, they will stay forever in your quest tracker. But if you are 39 (and RG) call me, I'll be glad to help. No other way than completing them.
  16. Haze blooms have changed apparence and name, but the quest still works, just follow the auto travel and kill the mobs you find. I think their name now are Scrabs or something.
  17. Every quest aimed for Viledon (there is 1 main, 4 side each level and many dailies) can be done in Viledon map only, so you must be level 30 to 39. If you go level 40+, you can't complete them any more. Referring to the Strange Transmitter, it asks to destroy both the towers in south Viledon called Nexus of Fury and Nexus of Dominion. Nevermind if you have ten of those quests, once you destroyed the two towers, you istantly completed all the quests. If you are a Royal guard, I have a 39 I can help you. Usually we meet a little problem: one of the towers is usually already Royal Guard. In this case, we need to wait some FK destroy our tower so it will respawns in Free Knight mood and we can destroy it.
  18. Filomena

    NB AI

    Against whippers and defenders those guards make 1+1 damage only. So they are class specific.
  19. I know you are Othoa now, and I wanted to say sorry to killed you by mistake that time in the tower, I usually help lowbies to get the tower and have drops. I feel sad you don't want to make battlegrounds any more cause my mistake. You can ask also to other Free Knight, I'm old and I dn't kill beginners on purpose, or if I do I also let them to kill me. I stay in battlegrounds to gain rank points, I may desert (or even I often crash) in the end to let you have the victory reward and exp. Sometimes the reward screen do not appear, so, just wait a couple of minutes inside battleground, and you will get the full reward anyway.
  20. Who wants to pass 5 minutes between a maintenance and another, guess the daily word here in Wordle game: https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html If you are not english, there are links for around 70 languages. Today there is a pretty difficult word. Wordle 369 4/6* โฌ›โฌ›๐ŸŸจโฌ›โฌ› ๐ŸŸจโฌ›๐ŸŸจโฌ›โฌ› โฌ›๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉโฌ› ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ My result in Italian was even worse ahaha: Par๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡นle nยฐ170 5/6 ๐ŸŸจ๐ŸŸจโฌ›โฌ›๐ŸŸฉ โฌ›๐ŸŸจ๐ŸŸจโฌ›๐ŸŸฉ ๐ŸŸจโฌ›โฌ›๐ŸŸจ๐ŸŸฉ ๐ŸŸฉโฌ›๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸฉ
  21. Serpenth Path, BC and Frozen Basin are pretty the same at the moment. Mobs in Serpent path are too weak, you need to aggro the beetle that oneshot you naked. In Frozen Basin you have to dive or go against boars. BC is a bit slower but good because you can let your arkana auto run.
  22. Put Smog near the narak infant = problem not solved at all: to dexp you will need to run from Enocia portal till narak infant? It will be crazy, BC would be better anyway. And Smog is good in Barbirion base for everyone that needs to dexp the 39 or the 49.
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