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Halloween Event!


Hey everyone!

We've activated our Halloween Event this week which has spooky gifts for you to collect! 👻

As tradition we have also enabled the Vendetta Treasury dungeon for the duration of the event!

Event Available: 28th October 2021 ~ 18th November 2021


<Spooky Treant> Roy has arrived in Aven!


Make sure to take him out to gain rewards in your mail!


<Pumpkin Boy> Sam


Head over to Pumpkin Boy Sam in aven to trade your Spooky Coin's for rewards.

He has all the usual Halloween Costume rewards! He also has two new costumes for verteran players to collect and a new mount!

Pumpkin Lollipop & Spooky Ghost


Spooky Wyvern



Bug Fixes

Fixed and issue with following items icon's not being displayed:

  • Flower-feathered Chickadee
  • Green Cherry Blossom Hana
  • Red Cherry Blossom Hana
  • Emerald Foxfire Kitsune



👻 Happy Halloween! 👻

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