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Patch v91


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Guild Towns

Added Material Merchant Alice and Material Merchant Susie who will sell Fame Materials directly from Guild Town.


Updated Collecting Expert Hanga to use the Trade System.
Note: With this change we have removed Hanga 2.0.

Made some adjustments to the position and rotations for Phio, Ri and Aidey in Guild Towns.



New Player Changes

To accompany our changes in the last patch as mentioned we have some more changes that have been made to improve the experience for new and returning players.

This should be the last changes that we make for the time being.



Updated all Orange 1-90 crafting formula's that were below 50% success rate to be 50% success rate.

All Level 3 Potions now have a 100% success rate when being crafted.

Updated the following crafts to give Guild EXP x4 and Building EXP x5 and will take 2 seconds to craft:

  • All level 20 Orange Rings and Necklaces.
  • All level 23 Orange Armors.
  • All level 20 Potions.
  • All level 20 Farming, Mining and Summoning blueprints.


Awaken Weapon Level 100

Reduced the following Trial Coin material requirement:

  • Formula: Holy Blade: 20 -> 15.
  • Formula: Healing Spirit: 60 -> 40.
  • Formula: Swamp King's Cloned Heart: 40 -> 30.
  • Formula: Sniper Enchant: 30 -> 20.

Reduced the following Dimension Soul Token material requirement:

  • Formula: Messiah's Hammer: 40 -> 20.



Misc. Updates

  • We have performed some fixes to Teleport Skills such as Dimension Jump and Pulling Skills. We cannot know for sure if any and all issues have been fixed but it feels better in testing so we assume that it's been improved at the very least.
  • Removed the Christmas Event Related Content.
  • Corrected incorrect prays for Robust Amaris.
  • Updated the size of all Patch v90 pets.
  • Updated Warrior, Knight and Templar Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Thief, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer and Samurai Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Hunter, Engineer and Ranger Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Cleric, Bard and Shaman Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Mage, Illusionist, Warlock and Luminary Glyph Translations.
  • Updated EE MVP Award and Player of the Month Award to contain Corona's Heartflame Lv120.
  • Updated EE Top 10 Players Award and Top 10 Players of the Month Award to contain Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Libra's Understanding Stone.
  • Fixed the icon on Leo's Pack Boy buff icon.
  • Fixed Celestial Corridor Boss Achievement Text.
  • Updated Haven of Oblivion Essence Text.
  • Updated Bundle of Energy Gogo's Dialog.
  • Fixed Nasci Boss Achievement Text.
  • Fixed an issue with Soul Trader Shyman's Trade System.
  • Fixed icon issues with some of the pets and mounts.
  • Fixed the placement of the Vendetta Upgrade Stone in the Auction House.
  • Fixed the placement of Ormormu's Heroic Mount in the Auction House.
  • Updated the Captcha Dialog Text.
  • Fixed a typo on the Formula:Recovery Lv7 formula.
  • Updated Guild Manager Heldin's Dialog.


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