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Patch v94


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Hello Kitty Updates

We have updated the Hello Kitty content!
Note: This will not effect anyones existing costumes!

We have updated the archive sorting so that all costumes are located together!

We have updated the name of Candy Man/Lady to its correct name of Melody Tailcoat/Maid.

We have added the missing costumes

  • Male Weeding Suit!
  • Kiki & Lala Xmas Suits!
  • Kiki & Lala Pop Star / Summer Dress!
  • Kiki & Lala Literary!
  • Melody Duke and Duchess!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed VGN custom bosses on Recommended Events!
  • Added missing Blueprint: Invader's Fire to Sword Forger Arthur.
  • Fixed the legendary stats of Upgraded Treasure: Pumpkin Lollipop.
  • Added Frost Crystal Great Blade (Legendary) to the archive.
  • Fixed the ordering of the Holiday Events achievements.


Text Updates

  • Updated Certificate Translations.
  • Updated Halfkin Skill Aurora Shield translations.
  • Updated Halfkin Skill Sacred Shield translations.
  • Fixed text error in Gravity Manipulator Skill Balanced Gravity.
  • Fixed text error in Blade Master debuff Shreaded Armor.
  • Added Boss names to Commander Joe's Enhanced Zodiac Token Exchange.
  • Fixed text error on Sagittarius' Glorious Cape.
  • Fixed name and description on Fantasy Popsicle Stick costume.
  • Fixed name and description on Provoked Katana costume.
  • Fixed name on Michelle's Twin Hairdo (Legendary).
  • Fixed name on Male Ghostblade Hairdo (Legendary).
  • Fixed name on Female Ghostblade Hairdo (Legendary).
  • Fixed description on Fluffy Kitty Claws.
  • Fixed names of the 4 Trials Guardian's.
  • Misc stuff:
  • Material fix on Blueprint: Voodoo Ring- Resonator.
  • Material fix on Blueprint: Alchemist- Unlimited.
  • Archive location fix Thunder Soul Cloak.
  • Archive location fix Flicket Ignite Cloak.
  • Name fix for Trophy Silver Guard Spaulders.
  • Fixed Sky Tower debuff text Magic Loss.
  • Fixed Grumond Grassland location Fiery Forest.
  • Fixed Roaming Hills location Odd Plains.


🙀 Kawai! 🙀

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