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Patch v18

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General Changes:

  • Removed the bonus Elemental damage from "BlisterBreeze's Synthesis Ring" & "Luisaka's Swiftness Ring" to fix the persistant bugs these items have.
  • Added Power Scroll Lv100 & Guard Scroll Lv100 to the arcane box.
  • Increased the EXP and CP gained in the Frog & Worm zone of Dimension of Souls to make running these area's better.
  • Added level 90 Temple Knight Sets.
  • Added "Red Shadow Lord Sickle (Prime)" & "Red Shadow Lord Sickle (Legendary)" to the archive.


Balancing Changes:

  • Darkness Blade skills "Imprisoned Magic Cut", "Demon Magic Cut", "Dark Magic Cut" and "Broken Magic Cut" have all had their base range cut in half. (This will make the buffed range shorter too)
  • Darkness Blade skill "Magic Sword Stance" has had its mana cost increased from 1% to 3%.
  • Holy Blade skill "Destructive Leap" only allows one skill to be cast at 200% damage instead of two.
  • Darkness Blade and Holy Blade skills have had their base skill M-ATTACK lower to be a bit more reasonable compared to the other classes.


Bug Fixes:

  • Dragon Emperor skill "Dragon Emperor Slash" no longer effects boss monsters.
  • Holy Blade skill "Dark Night Dance" now only removes 1 buff per second instead of 10 buffs per second.
  • Fixed translation error with Dragon Soul class talent "Dragon Bonds".
  • Fixed the stacking issue of two Luminary Awaken class talents so that they stack 10 times instead of 2 times:
"Imprisoned Spirit"
"Demon Spirit"
"Dark Spirit"
"Broken Spirit"
"Holy Grace"
"Shelter of Light"
"Attack led by God"
"No punishment for the strong"
"Holy Slash"
"Twilight of the Gods"
"Never Regret"
  • The Sheep set of luna rocks no longer stack with all the other luna rocks.
  • The Battlemounts converted in the last patch no longer can be used while in combat.
  • Fixed the Int given on the "Oblivion Glyph" to the correct amount.
  • The White and Alpha level 95 gathering tools are now untradable.
  • The level 95 maces have been given the correct PATTACK and MATTACK stats.
  • Fixed the game issue with the Zumi Racial items "Super Speed Device", "Vitality Enhancer" and "Light Beam Gun".
  • Fixed worm immunity preventing you from transforming on Druid and Dragon Emperor.
  • Fixed the text for Oberon Set to include Sword and Rapier.
  • Fixed "Dragon's Treasure: Tarragon Horns (Legendary)" for Human Males and Halfkins.
  • Changed the 3 Day Shadow Kitty to permenant.
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