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Patch v97


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Dual Coloured Eyes


You can now set your characters left and right eyes to different colours!

This update is available to all races and supports all of our custom eye colours that where added in Patch 73 and Patch 74!

Available via Makeover Cosmetics Set and Character Creation menu.


Damage Styles


You can now change your in game damage visual styles!

You can choose between several X-Legend games damage visuals!

We may add more custom ones in future!

To update the damage visual head to the UI Settings tab in the Settings window!



Guild Repair Skill


It's finally here!

A much requested feature of being add the Guild Repair button to your skill bar!

To add it to your skill bar you will find it torwards the bottom of the Regular Skills in the Skill Window!


Room Expansion


You can now expand your Room Warehouse an additional 3 times!

We have adjusted the pricing of expanding the room to be more balanced between levels.

We have also adjusted the UI and fixed a bug with it!



We have reduced the cost of Elemental's Battlefield trophies from 200 Ocean Elemental Stone's to 120!


Bug Fixes

We have fixed an issue with Achievements in the new 25 player Raid
Note: I think you must still hit the boss to recieve the achievement.


Nice Quality!

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