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Patch v98


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3v3 Map Update


Base on some feedback recieved over the years I have decided to update the 3v3 map as a test to see if it improves the quality of 3v3 arena. The map is used for 3v3 on Aura Kingdom and is a slightly bigger map than the original map for Eden Eternal. It also doesn't have obstructions which again have had some mixed feelings over the years. I would love to hear what people think of this change.


Original Faces


Once again I bring you more character customization options!

I have added back the original faces for Human's and Halfkin's as additional customization options!
Note: They have also been updated to support the Dual Coloured Eyes added in Patch V97.

Available via Makeover Cosmetics Set and the Character Creation Menu!


Damage Styles


To extend the damage visual styles added in Patch v97 we have added 2 more damage styles to the game from the games Glory Destiny Online and Legendary Heroes!

To update the damage visual head to the UI Settings tab in the Settings window!


Have a nice day!

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