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Patch v99


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New Cosmetics

We have added 15 new hair costumes from Twin Saga!





Updated the Skill and Buff text for all Race Specific Skills!

Darkness Blade skills Enchantment Circle, Shadow Magic and Magic Sword Stance no longer have a weapon requirement.

Holy Blade skills Disillusionment, Holy Night Dance and Destructive Leap no longer have a weapon requirement.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where if you had more than 32767 materials the Pay System, Racial Craft System, Quest System and Crystal/Gem/Diamond Altar would go negative.
Note: Your materials will now show as 32767 if you have over that amount.

Fixed an issue where any ACC/EVA/Block values that went higher than 128 on growth equipment would not be applied.
Note: This issue was particularly noticable on the Temple Knights - Sky Lion Elite Shield.

Fixed an issue where Block and Parry stats where not increasing when leveling skills past level 100.

Fixed Devil Hunter skills Frenzy Stance and Sniper Stance to be correctly removed when changing map.

Fixed the description of Dragon Knight skill Drake Tail Slash.

Reality Potions are now disabled on Elysian Island.

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