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Patch v100


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Today's patch is a start of brand new content and level caps coming to Vendetta!

We hope you all enjoy it and have a wonderful anniversary!





We have increased the level cap for both characters and classes to level 130!

With this level cap increase, we have rebalanced the EXP, Class EXP and Pet EXP (as well as stats from skills when leveled) tables for levels 100+.


Class Expertise has also been recreated and fixed to solve any errors or inconsistencies that may have occured. This applies to all levels.


While these changes will not necessarily make leveling easier as we have adjusted all EXP gains too, it will make the values more accurate to how EXP values have been done in earlier levels, rather then the blanket multiplier we have given to new content ourselves.


If you are over the EXP requirement for your level after this change, you will automatically level up upon login.


EXP gained from 95 to 115 maps has been rebalanced to allow players to quest to level up.






Adventures in the South Eastern Continent

Today we bring you new adventures in Eden Eternal Vendetta!

Starting at level 115 you can begin the story quests for the new content!

Between the three story quest maps there is five new dungeons and a new battle map!


Enchanted Marsh



Dungeon 1 - Tree Root Cavern



Dungeon 2 - Desolate Forest




Water Falls



Dungeon 1 - Grandiose Valley



Dungeon 2 - Ice Crystal Palace



Death Mountains



Dungeon 1 - Burning Mountain



Demonic Valley



Demon Stone Exchange Weapons


New basic weapons have been added via the Demon Stone Exchange!

To obtain Demon Stones you must complete the 0/2 and 0/10 dungeons!

They can also be dropped from various bosses within the new content!



New Racial Crafts

We have added new racial crafting for Human's, Halfkins, Anurans and Zumis!
Note: Bears will come at a later date!

Humans now have access to Level 9 Enchanted Gems and Advanced Level 9 Enchanted Gems.

Zumis now have access to three new Monster Stones (Basic Slash Stone, Basic Strike Stone and Basic Pierce Stone).

Anurans now have access to Tank Potion Lv3, War Potion Lv3, Magician Lv3 and Healer Potion Lv3.

Halfkins now have access to Basic Trophy Enchants Level 16 and Advanced Trophy Enchants Level 3.



Vendetta Training Equipment

We have decided to streamline the leveling process more with some improvements to the equipment players get while leveling.

You will now recieve the Vendetta Training Armor at level 30 and the Vendetta Training Weapons at level 40.

The Vendetta Training equipment will level with your character every 5 levels until level 115.

The weapons have the P-ATK & M-ATK stat of a +10 weapon and cannot be fortified.

We decided with the above change it was time to remove the Temple Knight gear quests as these where a bit too difficult for an inexperienced player having to complete hard dungeons such as Rose Temple 0/10 at level 70.



Archive Updates


Once again we have done some improvements to the Archive!

Special Stone Section

We have moved Star Stones and Luna Rocks to their own section.

This section also includes the stat meteors.

Arena Armor Section

We have moved the Arena Armor's to their own section to remove clutter from the Heavy Armor, Light Armor and Cloth Armor sections.

Other Items

In similar regards to the Arena Armor's section we have moved Temple Knight Armor into this section.

We have also reorganised this section so the items are organised by what they do.

  1. Legacy/Heritage/Temple Knight Armors
  2. Legacy/Heritage/Temple Knight Weapons
  3. Transformation Items
  4. Summon Items
  5. Elysian/Temple Souls
  6. Racial Items
  7. Title Quest Items



Other Changes

  • Removed Old Event Quests from the Unaquired Quest List.
  • You can now set your Visibily Range setting to 10.
  • New level 110 gathering tools and materials have been added.
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