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Hello my name is Kevin, I‘ve played Eden Eternal since 2011. On 29th April 2021 GamigoGroup deleted 10 years of my life. 1 Week ago I found your website with gameplay from 2022/2023 of Eden Eternal Classic. So I tried to log in with my old account which I've created at aeriagames.com, but it doesn't worked. I tried to create a new account but it also failed. So now my question: is it possible to download and play Eden Eternal or is it only for selected people, 'cause I saw it is a Privat server. I know 5 People who want to play Eden Eternal again and for a long time. This game carried me through hard times in my life and I need this game in my life.



Greetings from a loyal EE Player from Austria (Vienna)

Kevin Nekam

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  • VGN GM

To register an account you visit here: https://www.vendettagn.com/register.vgn

Certain email providers have been blocked due to spam, so this might be why you cannot register.

If you want a more true to experience that you had at the end of Eden Eternal our Awaken server has lots of new content added on and has had most classes rebalanced for PvE and PvP with no mana infuse being added.

Our Classic server is limited to 80 cap at the moment but has a much smaller player base than our Awaken server.

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