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Patch v111


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New Player Experience Update

We have performed some Quality of Life changes to improve the experience for both new players and returning players.

Character Level Selection


You can now select two different points to begin your characters adventure!

Level 92

Starting at level 92 allows you to fast track your character towards the custom content and closer to the end game!

You will spawn in Neva. A tutorial zone that will teach you the basics of the game before teleporting you to Aven. Upon completing the tutorial quests you should reach level 93 and be right next to the NPC to begin the Viroona Quest line!

Characters that start at this point will automatically have Sage, Dragon Knight and Mimic unlocked with all classes defaultly leveled to 80 (Inquistor still requires you to complete the Mayland/Shaxia quest line).

During the tutorial phase of the game you will be given a choice to unlock Awaken Warrior, Awaken Magician, Awaken Cleric, Awaken Thief or Awaken Hunter.

Characters that begin their adventure at level 92 will be unable to unlock racial crafting until level 120!


Quest Improvements

We have updated the Mayland Jungle and Shaxia Basin quests EXP values to allow for smoother transition to Viroona Vale to avoid people having to grind repeatable quests to continue!


Misc. Changes

We have removed the Curia Library Fame requirements for the Awaken 95 Armors!

Revamped the Blessed Crystal rewards to give bigger backpacks and less space takers!

Temple Arena daily missions now requires players to be level 115.

Updated the requirement to claim Territory War Salary to level 125!

Updated the Eden Crystal (NT) Box to require level 115 to be opened!


Cosmetic Updates

Added 5 new face designs for Humans and Halfkins!


Updated the hair textures for Humans and Halfkins!
The originals are still available if you do not like the new ones!




You can now convert Angelic Essence into Demonic Essence and vice versa!
Blueprints can be obtained from Hilda in Death Mountains!

Reduced the Polished Emerald cost of Demonic HP Potions and Demonic MP Potions!


Bug Fixes

Fixed the following Title Scrolls


Eden Eternal Veteran Title Scroll
Happy Fifth Anniversary Title Scroll
Cake Lover Title Scroll
The Gift that Keeps on Giving Title Scroll

Updated the text on the Path of Destiny Interface to match the in game standard and updated durations (Related to class buffs only).

Fixed the MP Cost text on Paladin's Light Blessing Skills!


Have a nice day!

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