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Patch v118


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New content has arrived at Eden Eternal Vendetta just in time for the Christmas break!

Patch Notes

The Deep Abyss
Awakened Armors
Burning Crystal Pass
The Corrupted Abyss Event
Abyss Updates
Misc. Changes
Bug Fixes



The deep abyss is the final chapter in the Abyss content!

Available for level 125 players and above who have completed the L115. Explore the Abyss questline. Three new dungeons are available via the new Abyss Gate that has opened at (X:265, Y:336).

These dungeons bring you access to the new Awakened Armor sets and various different accessories and trophys to collect.

The dungeons can be ran twice a day when available (Check below for the dungeon schedule).






Today we bring you new Awaken Armor sets.

There is a total 15 armor sets that can be awakened that where added in Patch V115.



The Process

Like with the previously added Awaken Weapons the new Awaken Armor sets will use the custom Awakening System. This includes the fact that upon upgrading and awakening you will keep any fortifications, enchants, gems and gear upgrades.

To start the process you will need to craft the orange version of the armor set via blueprints that can be bought from Guild Town NPC's.


Once you have your base armor pieces / set you can then upgrade it to a gold set using the corresponding armor tablet. To get the armor tablet you must purchase the blueprint from Armor Merchant's in Abyss and then craft it.


Once you have your gold armor pieces you can start gaining Awaken EXP by collecting and using Awaken EXP items. You can see your progress if you hover over the weapon in your inventory.

Note: The awakening exp from the previous content does not apply, you must collect Abyssal EXP items.


Once you have collected all 5 stars your gold armor pieces will be ready for Awakening. To awaken the armor you must collect the corresponding awakened armor tablet.


Awaken EXP

To aquire Awaken EXP for your armor you need to collect Awaken EXP items.

Awaken EXP items will always drop from bosses who have them on the drop table and will be limited to one drop per player. If your bag is full then the item will be mailed to you instead.


You can get Abyssal EXP Jar from the bosses in Abyss. This includes the original five Abyss dungeons and the three new Deep Abyss dungeons. You can also get them from the Elemental Battlefield raid quests.


You can get Abyssal EXP Shell from the bosses in the new Abyss: Burning Crystal Pass dungeon. More information below.





The Burning Crystal Pass is a new solo dungeon found in Abyss that can be ran five times a day. This dungeon provides a bit of gold, some abyss materials and the much valuable Abyssal EXP Shell's.

You can access this dungeon via the portal located in Abyss at (X:265, Y:336)!






Corruption has fallen on the Abyss!

The Abyssal Dragon Void has appeared, band together to take him out!



Event Dungeon


The Corrupted Crystal Pass portal has appeared in the Abyss.

Complete the dungeon to obtain rewards.

This dungeon gives a lot of EXP and CP so make sure to complete the dungeon on characters and classes that you wish to level up!

We have also increased the amount of Flame Elemental Stone's and Ocean Elemental Stone's obtained from the Elemental Battlefield during the event period.


Event Duration

The Corrupted Abyss Event Ends on:

January 11th 2024





With the new content we have done some minor improvements and changes to the original Abyss content!

These improvements include the effects and sounds of the dungeon and the texture quality of the dungeons.

We have also increased the move speed of the Esh-Baal npc!

The changes made to the Abyss crafts are as follows:


Reduced the Fragmented Abyssal Soul cost for all Blueprint's.

Removed the Armor Fragment cost of all Blueprint's at the Merchants (Just the purchase price not the crafting materials).

Removed the RNG bag as it is no longer required.

Reduced the amount of essences needed for the following pieces:

Head Piece: 6 Essences -> 4 Essences
Body Piece: 8 Essences -> 5 Essences
Belt Piece: 3 Essences -> 2 Essences
Hand Piece: 5 Essences -> 3 Essences
Boot Piece: 6 Essences -> 4 Essences





Angelic Essence and Demonic Essence can now be traded between players.

Added an exception to the potion block to allow Engineer Potions to be used in PvE dungeons again.
Note: They are still disabled in PvP instances like Temple Arena.

Smoke Bombs now only have a 0.5 second cooldown.
Note: In PvP instances Smoke Bombs will have a 10 second cooldown.





Fixed a bug with the Aven Teleport Device.

Fixed an issue with the Racial Level 10 Gems not having increased stats compared to the Racial Level 9 Gems.

Fixed an issue with the Axe of Oblivion where it would no longer stack the P-ATK buff if the target is maxed stacked.


🙂 Happy Abyssmas 🙃

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