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Patch v119


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Backpack & Bank UI Upgrade


We have made some improvements to the backpack UI and bank UI to improve the experience for players on smaller screens but also allows us to increase the amount of space in the future!

You can now adjust the amount of rows and columns visible on the backpack and bank UI.

If you choose to have your backpack / bank smaller than the amount of spaces you have, you will have access to a scroll bar to scroll down the list.

Note: If you set the rows and columns to maximum your backpack and bank will not require a scroll bar and will effectively work the same way it does now.


You can adjust the amount of rows and columns in the UI settings.

Note: I am aware there is a small issue with the drop down clipping behind the buttons on the smallest UI settings. I will fix this issue in future and should not effect the functionality at all.


Costume Updates


Due to time constraints during the big patch I was unable to add any new costumes to the game.

So we have taken this week to add a bunch of new weapon and back costumes from Aura Kingdom.

We have also added some new mounts.

We will be looking to adding a few more new pets that have been recoloured by @Rubia as well as some hair pieces which I didn't have time for this week.

Costume List



Quicksilver Tiger
Fire Brand Tiger
Ethereal Wolf
Shadow Tiger

Back Costumes

Moon Night Dream Wings & Dawn Sky Dream Wings
Autumn Mochi Rabbit & Auspicious Mochi Rabbit
Alucard Dragon God & Cosmic Dragon God
Choco Strawberry Dessert Rabbit & Cream Dessert Rabbit
Floresco Butterfly Wings & Flower Spirit Butterfly Wings
Glacial Wings of Brilliance & Pure Fantasy Glacial Wings
Fate of Heavenly Dance Sword & Bond of Heavenly Dance Sword
Auspicious Sky Festival Drum & Lucky Festival Drum

Weapon Costumes

Skyforged Blade & Darklight Blade
Doomsday Feather Blade & Immaculate Luminous Blade
Nightstalker Arcane Blade & Feathered Mirror Blade
Darkshadow Dragon Aura Blade & Thunderroar Dragon Aura Blade
Classic Starblade & Sapphire Starblade
Misty Purple Blooming Kusano & Flaming Red Blooming Kusano
Evil Dragon Dark Key & Evil Dragon Dark Lock Shield
Azure Tidal Key & Azure Tidal Lock Shield
Hallowed Key & Hallowed Lock Shield
White Kitty Sword & White Kitty Shield
Black Kitty Sword & Black Kitty Shield
Warlust Dragonwing Sword & Warlust Dragonwing Shield
Glorious Dragonwing Sword & Glorious Dragonwing Shield
Ice Crystal Sword & Ice Crystal Shield
Light Ice Crystal Sword & Light Ice Crystal Shield
Abyssal Annihilating Anchor
Lonely Night Annihilating Anchor
Holy Light Annihilating Anchor
Sweetheart Idol Microphone & Rock Idol Microphone
Love Idol Microphone & Pure Idol Microphone
Book of the Dark Stars & Book of the Starry Sky
Brightfeathered Star Katar & Darkfeathered Star Katar
Playful Ghostly Cage Staff & Fun Ghostly Cage Staff
Fragrant Ode Celebration Flower Windmill & Radiant Celebration Flower Windmill
Idun's Eternal Staff & Idun's Immortality Staff
Silver Winged Bow & Golden Winged Bow
Purple Moon War Bow & Scarlet Moon War Bow
Night Moon War Bow & Lunarmoon War Bow
Blooming Sakura Love Bow & Gorgeous Sakura Love Bow
Dante's Pure Dark Flame Katana
Dante's Pure Golden Flame Katana
Dante's Pure Forest Flame Katana
Dante's Pure Azure Flame Katana
Dante's Pure Corrupted Flame Katana
Sakura Floral Katana & Frozen Floral Katana



Bug Fixes

Fixed the category in the Auction House for Angelic and Demonic Essence.

Fixed the new awaken armor base stats (Increased).

Fixed an issue with the Ancient Spirit Armor cast speed stat.


💯 Happy new year 💯

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