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What does summer mean to you!? - Ended

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Summer is here! Blue skies! Hot Weather!

.....But what does it mean to you?

I would like a drawing from you wonderful people to show what summer means to you. Feel free to use Paint, Photoshop, hand drawn, however you want to creatively express yourself!



1. Only 1 entry is allow

2. You must post the link, of your picture, in your entry reply (click on "Insert other media" and choose "Insert image from URL" and then post the link to your picture from Imgur or whatever other picture posting website you want to use)

3. Post your entry entry here! ->

4. You MUST include your IGN (NOT forum name) exactly how it is in game, special characters and all! Only 1 entry per person (not per account, not per toon. BaSH/Vivi can verify this by IP access).

5. I will be doing a reverse Google image search, just in case any of you get some lazy ideas :D

6. Event will run from now and end on July 16th.



First place gets 3 points!

Second place gets 2 points!

Third place gets 1 point!


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So of the two entries Mikotato was the winner!

Mikotato gets 3 event points and Auraxinji gets two points!


Thanks for playing. Stay tuned for future events!

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