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  1. Why can't people just have some competition without wanting stuff.....oh...wait....SB.....nvm
  2. @Nadhia SB is a 7year old game running on a 14 year old game engine. any computer in the last decade will run it just fine. The requirements are CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0Ghz or equivalent/AMD Athlon 2600 or equivalent CPU SPEED: Info RAM: 2 GB OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) VIDEO CARD: NVDIA Geforce 7600GT or equivalent Radeon x1800 or equivalent PIXEL SHADER: 3.0 VERTEX SHADER: 3.0 SOUND CARD: Yes FREE DISK SPACE: 5 GB Scarlet Blade Recommended Requirements CPU: Dual-Core 2.5GHz or better/AMD Athlon II X2 or better CPU SPEED: Info RAM: 2 GB OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) VIDEO CARD: NVDIA Geforce 8600GT or better Radeon HD4450 or better PIXEL SHADER: 3.0 VERTEX SHADER: 3.0 SOUND CARD: Yes FREE DISK SPACE: 5 GB The Free Space should now read 11GB now.
  3. @ViperI summon your baguetteness to confirm this nonsense
  4. SB uses a game engine that's nearly 14 years old.
  5. Moving this to the Scarlet Blade section, since you posted it Nostale, and I know you're talking about SB. I can see the resemblance to RF Online. SB has never had an automated system. Doesn't really need it either. Do NOT rush to end game. While there are more dungeons for PVE side, unless you are quite geared (think max level pet and all +12 upgraded gears), there is no mercy.
  6. DrDieLess


    It's due to your anti-virus program false-flagging and removing Nostale.exe You can read about the reason and solution here;
  7. @dreadhavoc What drunkness is this? Someone needs lessons on how to properly configure Windows. Mine uses 3.1Gb of ram on a system that has 16Gb of ram. That's also with no page file enabled, cause who needs one when you have that much ram anyways. Regardless, I don't recall anyone running SB on Linux here or even back when it was on Aeria. So you have some research and testing to try and get it to work. My guess is that XignCode3, the anti-cheat system, will have a shit-fit. Let me know how it turns out. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, but haven't tried it yet.
  8. @TheSquishyyou're like nearly a year late for that. They stopped giving free last July. You can still get the free upgrade, but you have to have an existing license of Windows to get it.
  9. @Wynjo That's because, as i said on chatbox, you decided to teleport yourself out starting area (even though there's no quest tell you to) and have essentially broken your character. I can move you back to starting area, but I need you back in game.
  10. You have to use an emulator to even attempt it. There is no guarantee that any emulator would work however.
  11. It's a medic thread, we revive dead shit...except @Bikini (that can stay dead)
  12. @fabienkami Don't post the same thing on multiple places on the forums. It is probably your anti-virus false flagging Nostale.exe and removing it. Please read this post for explanation and solution;
  13. I like using a PU for farming, it's attacks are slower, but high burst damage. I would stack Crit-Atk jewels for damage, use Scouts/Killer/Ninja (name changes a level cap increases, but stats are based the same) for your accessories. I would also go for an EVA build, meaning using Eva jewels and (at L30+) using Eva randoms. For a build (here is one for L29), you can look at something like this -> http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=5&l=t&s=00913333202400000550011 In Plain Sight is the PU cloak skill you can use to get rid of mobs that are attacking you, which is good for the boss runs.
  14. While we can always recommend things, it's always good to check out the skills and then build something that can work for your style of play too. We have a skill simulator that you can use so you don't have to waste buy Skill Resets -> http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/
  15. Welcome to Scarlet Blade! First thing, if you're completely new to the game, or played a long while ago, please check out the new player guide. It provides a lot of much needed information to save you confusion! With respect to making an initial toon for farming (which is always the best way to go), I'd suggest either a Punisher or ShadowWalker. Both classes have high DPS and have a cloaking ability, which is fantastic for resetting mobs so you can do things like boss-only dungeon runs for loot!
  16. The Enhancement CLEARLY shows you the cost for each attempt, so I have no idea where you're getting the idea that gold is magically being removed from your inventory.
  17. Putting aside the cost of getting naraks/gear naraks, the only gold cost is for the attempt. So for +10-12 I believe the cost is 50g. There is no additional gold removed from you from enhancement npc.
  18. Time and time again, people cry for SB and they somehow think it will bring balance and it never does.
  19. so that means that it's being shut down by something. If you're using Windows 10 and you tried to uninstall your TotalAV program, that would mean that Windows Defender has taken over and tbh, it's even worse at blocking SB. Make sure you go add SB into Defender's exception list. And while you may think you can disable Windows Defender, you cannot. Give that a try?
  20. There's something on your computer that's blocking SB. turn off all other programs before trying SB. When you start SB and it doesn't look like anything is happening, open your Task Manager and see if you see SB.exe listed there.
  21. Open the patcher and click on Verify and it will redownload for you.
  22. The game is over 10Gb fully patched. Seems like you're missing half the game. Try my alternate download post. It's the fully patched game, just unzip and play.
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