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Patch v121


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Celestial Corridor


The next expansion to the Celestial Corridor has arrived!

This content is available to all players level 127 and above but is recommended for players level 130 to participate!

The second expansion to Celestial Corridor features six new dungeons.

Each dungeon is designed to be a challenge for a five player team.

So make sure you are well prepared before entering!




There is six new boss themed accessory, trophy and cape combinations have been added!

There is also twelve new boss themed weapon gems have been added.


Taurus Set (Physical Melee)


Cancer Set (Physical Ranged)


Virgo Set (Magic)


Scorpio Set (Hyrbid)


Capricorn (Tank)


Pisces (Healing)



Other Adjustments

We have made some adjustments across Celestial Corridor to improve the content.

You can now directly purchase the Equipment Blueprints with a large amount of Zodiac Sparkles and the new material Spirit Sparkles.

There is the new Celestial Backpack Expansion Formula. You can obtain this formula from the rewards upon completing any of the Celestial Corridor dungeons. This item increases your 47-Slot Backpack Expansion from 47 slots to 60 slots. This item is also tradable so you can either use it for yourself or trade it with other players for profit.

We have also added Eden Crystals to the reward table upon completing the Celestial Corridor.



Class Changes

We have made a bunch of minor changes as a result of previous patches and adjustments that have made the DMG Taken stats on certain healing classes far too high.

We have also performed a server wide reset on the skill levels where the skill should be capped at level 1 but in the past or even before this patch where able to be leveled creating an instance were MP Cost was increased with no advantage. We have also taken the time to look into the MP Cost of all these skills so that they're as accurate as a level 1 skill can be.


Lethal Arrow

The skill Charged Arrow will now cancel your basic attacks so that you can more easily obtain its damage boost on a skill instead of wasting it on a basic attack.

Totem Master

We have done a small rework around the totem mechanics to be more accurate on if you are using a totem for defensive purpose, healing purpose or damage purpose. We have also given small buffs around the class to compensate for the loss of powers on the totems to make the class overall more healthy.

Murky Waters

Increased the stats.

Totem Surge


Blessing Totem


Time Totem

Timed status now only reduces Movement SPD.

Rebellion Totem

Elemental Resistance reduced from 10 pts per stack to 7 pts.

Grace Totem


Tranquility Totem


Old School Rain -> Rejuvenation


Holy Sage

As mention in the notes we wanted to reduce the amount of DMG Taken in the game. It also gave me the opportunity for me to optimize the Aura's in the backend. This should help reduce lag when there is a Holy Sage in party.

We also applied the same logic to Holy Sage as we did with Totem Master where each Aura should have a specific role in the party. A defensive aura, a healing aura and a damage aura.

We also update the visual effects for the auras.

Aura: Angel's Blessing -> Aura: Angel's Knowledge


Aura: Prophet's Blessing -> Aura: Angel's Blessing


Aura: Prayer's Protection -> Aura: Holy Waters


Grace's Song

No longer gives defence.

Aura: Spirit's Blessing -> Aura: Spirit's Cloak

No longer grants DMG Taken.

Virtuous King's Blessing -> Spirit King's Blessing

No change just a name change.


Gear Changes

Over the last couple of years I have done a subpar job at the numbers given by gears across the game. A lot of gear was fine but some gear was completely over the top which made some gear shine too bright while other gear was lackluster. We hope this change brings more options and variety to the game.

I have changed how the numbers work across gear so that they are all mathematically accurate between levels and gear types. I have also set a bunch of rules and modifiers to these base numbers to increase and decrease these numbers based on the situation.

These changes affect every ring, necklace, trophy and cape that are over level 90 across the entire game. From Dimension of Souls all the way until the latest released content Celestial Corridor Part 2.

Before you jump on the OMG he nerfed everything bandwagons. I would like to state that many items also received buffs from this change. I would even say just as many items got buffs as got nerfed, along with many items that the changes where so insignificant that you may not even notice the item was changed.

Bug Fixes

Battle pets should no longer shout random phrases while in combat.

Fixed an issue where the Great Elemental Guardian's Helmet could only be worn by certain races.

Fixed an issue where Gemini's Old Grimoire only had a 0.32% chance to deal Triple Hit DMG.

Fixed the costume Book of the Dark Stars and Book of the Starry Sky so that they have Grimoire casting and attacking animations.

Fixed the animations and cooldown of both the Angel Prayer and Guardian Angel pet skills.

During the transition phase of Glacieron you will be now immune to damage while frozen.




We have added the following cosmetic items!



Persephone & Summer Persephone
Michaela & Summer Michaela
Da Qiao


Adorable Silly Goose
Adorable Lady Goose
Adorable Guard Goose
Adorable Mooma Goose
Pink Galactic Fantasy
Azure Galactic Fantasy
Starlight Galactic Fantasy
Poseidon's Battle Whale
Midnight Battle Whale
Bronze Battle Whale
Veridian Battle Whale

Hair Costumes

Shadow Alchemist Hairdo, Bundle of Energy Hairdo & Energetic Gogo's Hairdo
Starlight Idol Hairdo & Starlight Popstar Hairdo
Ruby Star Crown & Sapphire Star Crown
Cool Summer Hairdo & Pretty Summer Hairdo
Alloy Dragon Wings & Arcane Dragon Wings
Sunglow Lucky Cloud Magatama & Nightshade Lucky Cloud Magatama
Moonlight Bamboo Fox & Holy Light Bamboo Fox
Dazzling EDM Wings & Superstar EDM Wings

Weapon Costumes

Red Phoenix Katana & Thunder Dragon Katana
Bealdor Holy Greatsword & Bealdor Dark Greatsword
Flare Red High-Tech Sword & Cryo Blue High-Tech Sword




 Have a nice time!

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