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Patch v122


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Quality of Life Updates

Backpack Manager Update
Added Blue Gear to the Auto-Trash and Auto-Sell feature!
Fixed a bug in which Auto-Sell could on occasion sell the incorrect item!
Updated the UI text to be cleaner and clearer!


Gear Swap Update

Increased the amount of Gear Swap options from 5 to 12!
Note: due to this change we have had to reset peoples currently saved Gear Swap configurations.


Archive Save Update
Increased the amount of items that can be saved from the Archive All button from 30 to 80!
Updated the UI text to be cleaner and clearer!


Event Window Update

The event window has been updated to display the current relevant end-game content!
Note: You can use this feature along side portal stones to teleport to the current end-game content.


Itemmall Update

You can now buy items as a maximum stacks (Previous limit was 99 per purchase)!
You can now buy all Materials in the Loyalty Shop by specifying the amount you want to buy!
Fixed the size of the Buy Stack button to make the UI cleaner!
When clicking the Buy AP button it should now open a tab in your default browser rather than a window in game!

Other Updates

Gathering tools on the Gem Altar have been replaced with the Reward Coins from Crystal Altar.

Increased the amount of Auction House slots from 20 to 80.

You can now filter items in the Archive based on if you can use the item.
Note: This works based on if you are the correct level and if you are the correct race / gender to wear the item.

Pet Battle Skill books now have the skill information listed on the description.

Aven Fame Merchants now accept level 120 and 125 items to increase your fame.

Book Merchant Trebek in Aven now sells all book quests.

Updated Material Merchant Susie to sell Amber Eye Legendary Cutter and Silver Needle Legendary Catalysis.

Fishing Merchant Bill has been added to Guild Towns.

You can now craft Zagdon's Energy Drink in multiple stacks.

You can now stack Milk, Wine Braised Pork Chop, Crabby Patty, Rose Milk, Organic Juice and Eybloom Bread to x999.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where you could get more than 5 players inside evaluation dungeons.

Fixed a bug with Race Passive CC overwriting immunity.

Fixed a small spamming issue with Paladin skill Light - Divine Shield spamming the caster with stronger status in effect.

Fixed a small spamming issue with the updated Holy Sage aura's when someone is already CC immune.

Fixed Summer Persephone in the Archive.

Fixed some trees that where bugged in Aura Kingdom (Grumond Grasslands looks like a completely new map lol).

Fixed Taurus and Cancer's set bonus to now correctly give P-CRIT DMG.

Another fix to the Book of the Dark Stars and Book of the Starry Sky attacking animations.


Have a nice day!

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