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Weekly Word Scrabble Event


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I will be hosting a weekly Word Scramble event. It will be held on Sunday @ 5am SERVER TIME (which for easy conversion for you NA people, is 11pm CST on Saturday evening).

It will consist of 10 questions. Each question is worth 1 event point. You can only win ONCE per person (not toon, or account, or whatever, YOU only get 1 point). A GM will be confirming winners after event in case of any sneaky business.

After the 10 questions, I will have a bonus question that is worth THREE event points. That will be open to ANYONE, including people who had already won a point in the 10 questions.

Answers must be all of the following: in Shout only and both correct spelling and spacing. The first one who answers correctly wins.

Each week I will have a different topic. Please provide any suggestions you have under my General post Here



Thy's additional rule about the name is due to the fact that we are having great difficulty finding winner's name to give them the point. So keep your name, but give me an alt name, with normal letters, ON THE SAME ACCOUNT AS THE ONE YOU HAVE YOUR TOON ON! :)

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