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Cooking competition event

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Have you ever dreamed about MasterChef Vendetta edition? neither. But that doesn't mean we can't make it here in our lovely community. Perhaps on a bit lower scale than the tv show but i'm sure there are among us many talented chefs just waiting to unleash their creativity. That is why i would like to propose all of you a culinary event! I won't give you any list of specific ingredients, ideas or food types. You are free to make whatever you want whether it's a soup, cake, salad, drink or whatever other meal...if it's edible- post it! The only restriction you are limited by is your own imagination.

      What I need from you is a complete recipe and a photo of your own creation. I will not tolerate any copypastes of someone's else's work from the internet and this will be the first thing i check on your post.

     Your work will be judged by me, @DrDieLess and @Thy in 3 separate categories:
-The most delicious
-The most original
-The best Haloween-themed food
 (i know it is a bit late for this one but limits i said)
     There will be 2 winners in each category, all awarded with 1 event point. Of course you can make a totally delicious, original haloween cake but still you can only win one single point.

     If you aren't familiar with cooking/baking you can always ask someone for advice. So what are you waiting for? Grab your wife,husband,grandma,mother or whoever else you want, dig up old family recipes and get to the kitchen so it can shine in it's glory once again full of delicious dishes. (Keep in mind that awarded will be only author of the post so don't ask for any additional event points for grandma or a friend who helped.) 

 You can post your works here :

 till 17th of November (7pm server time). Winners will be announced the next day after jury's conference.

    Have fun and good luck!

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