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Patch v98

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Bug Fixes:

  • Debby and I might have had a little disagreement. Her costumes have returned and you should no longer be a floating head!
  • Fixed the bug causing Lilianna not to allow the completion of "A Simple Request?"
  • Fixed a bug that would block RGs from entering Nemesis v2
    • *Note, levels 39 - 69 can enter Nemesis v2. The map should work the same as Dragon Valley, where you can see the opposite faction. NB/AK portals should spawn in the bases as well.
  • Lowered some of the DMH bosses back down to 59 range
  • Fixed the level 50 Base SP Hypovial - Can now we used by level 50s again
  • Fixed the random standing HP/SP Regen given when you used Crisis hypovials. Should now give instant recoveries
  • Fixed the level requirement for level 60 SP Crisis hypovials - Level 60s should now be able to use them
  • Fixed the icon of the Gamma Pink Hexweave Packs





Skill Fixes:

Shadow Walker:

Calming Essence now requires a target to use at ranks 1 - 5
Calming Essence will no longer break stealth


Ankle Attack and Shockwave should now show their CH-ACC properly in the description



General Changes:

  • Hid the old Idel's Equipment Box (Lv 60) quest
  • Increased the movement speed buff gained when in Suer
  • Updated some of the teleport text to properly show Amara's new level cap
  • Removed the Legendary Passcard win reward from 60-69 Nuclear Bunker
  • Removed the Passcard loss reward from 60-69 Nuclear Bunker
  • Replaced the above items with x4 Medals of Distinctions and x2 Medals of Distinction respectively
    • *Eventually will be replaced with a quest later to avoid any afk abuse
  • Defending the Front Lines of Janus now guarantee you Medals of Recognition when completed


  • Increased/added RP that could be obtained from Ellis guards.
  • The following guards will give the following amount of RP:
    • Arsenal Logistics - 250 RP
    • Arsenal Infiltrator - 350 RP
    • Operations Specialist - 450 RP
    • Senior Ops Specialist - 450 RP


  • Added new quests that will be obtained when you log in:


  • "A New Trasmitter [FK]/[RG]"
    • A quest will pop up, giving you a free skill reset (NT) and a Enocia Hyperchip suitable for your faction.
    • All levels 8+ can accept this quest


  • "Vivi's Gift [Daily]"
    • A quest will pop up once you reach level 60, giving you 2 700% boosters per day. You can accept and complete this quest till level 64.
    • You must have completed the quest "Skill Reset Check [FK]/[RG]" to receive this quest.


  • "Skill Reset Check [FK]/[RG]"
    • A quest will pop up once you complete the "A New Trasmitter [FK]/[RG]". This quest will require you to reset your skill points using the skill reset you just obtained. This is being done in order to make sure no one has more skill points then necessary.
    • Once this quest is completed, you'll receive another Skill Reset (NT) to use whenever you'd like.
    • I'll be checking this quest completion and the skill points of those who have not completed this quest and will be manually resetting them myself. Anyone found to still be playing with additional skill points may face further actions against them.
    • *** Note 105 skill points is the intentional amount you're supposed to have at 65. At 60, with all quests and puzzles done, you'll have 99 points.


  • Updated the Enocia Hyperchips to be destroyable should lower levels get multiple ones


  • Increased the amount of EXP gained by the mobs in Dragon Valley
  • Increased the amount of EXP gained by the mobs in DMH
  • Adjusted the amount of EXP gained in Amara - Made it a bit more uniform

Item Mall

  • Now will sell tradeable 1000% EXP Boosters
    • *Note: All old boosters and ones received from quests are still Non-tradeable



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We're aware that RGs are unable to accept the Skill reset quest and a fix will be patched in tomorrow morning.

Bash already logged off for the night.

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