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Patch v33

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There is a couple of changes this maintenance that will affect Territory Wars, some players will not agree with the changes but we feel like they're in the best interest of the players currently to make Territory Wars more competitive.

Note: The changes are not permanent and can be reversed if it has a negative affect on the game or the situation does not change at all.


Change 1:

Territory Wars will be returning to the original schedule the server had, with 1 Territory War on a weekday, 2 Territory Wars on a Saturday and 3 Territory Wars on a Sunday.

Change 2:

We will be resetting the Territory Wars with maintenance so that people have to compete for the Territories and not just attend for defense only.

Change 3:

We will be temporarily removing Normal Class Territory Wars for a short while until I get confirmation on something else which will help me decide the best approach as I'm finding it difficult to find the best approach to balance the normal classes without completely changing them all entirely which would then void the point of normal class Territory Wars.


We hope you understand these changes thank you!

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