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Patch v34

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Hey guys, just another small patch for now to improve the quality of life of the game for newer players. I'm currently working on the next patch and will hopefully have it out in the next couple of weeks.


Major Changes

  • Players who have completed the ALL Awaken Armors on their main character can now pass their stat titles to an alternate character providing the alternate character is level 95.
  • The CCM cost of Awaken Armor level 95 has been reduced to help the newer players catch up as well as older players being able to finish the armors they're yet to complete.



  • Demon Summoner skill "Kyle's Meteor" now deals triple hit damage as intended.
  • Crafting Item "Blueprint: Infinite Mirror Cape" now costs the correct amount of war stones.
  • Life Worshipper KP "Duo Soulchaser" now displays the correct Max Level.
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