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Patch v36

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Hey everyone, just a quick Bug Fix patch along with adding the anniversary event! If you have any feedback please add to the Patch 35 thread as this is a sort of a part 2 patch ;).


Anniversary Event

  • Nerokas has appeared in Aven.



  • Added New Reward Mounts!
    • Alabaster Haetae
    • Crimson Haetae
    • Obsidian Haetae




  • Added new Decorations!
    • Sugarland Cookie Table
    • Sugarland Macaron Stool
    • Sugarland Cupcake Bed
    • Sugarland Frosted Vanity
    • Sugarland Tea Set
    • Sugarland Strawberry Shortcake
    • Sugarland Waffle Rug
    • Sugarland Chocolate Bell
    • Sugarland Candy Chandelier






  • Added New Pets!
    • Shirley
    • Nerokas




  • Updated Icons to the following Pet Pray's:
    • Will of Power
    • Will of Sanctum
  • You can now change class in 3 vs 3 freely.
    • Note: I discussed this with some of my testers to see what the opinions on this change was as it was changed in the latest patch by accident and we came to the agreement that it was a positive change to help improve the environment and competitiveness of 3 vs 3 so you can build team compositions in the moment and not rely on RNG to get a good party composition.
    • If this change is disliked by the majority I will revert this change!



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an Item Exploit that was being abused in the Week. Further action will be taken during maintenance.
  • Fixed the bug with level 109 and above classes having minor CP problems when over a certain amount when logging our or disconnecting from the game.
  • Fixed the class EXP bar being 0% until CP has been gained upon swapping class.
  • Fixed and issue that was not allowing number pad keys to be bound.
    • Note: I'm not 100% sure if this has been done to peoples needs, so please give me feedback and if any problems I will fix them!
  • Changed Captcha so now when appearing it does not default change your input mode to the Captcha box.
    • This will allow you to finish killing the monsters you have agro'd before filling the Captcha Form in.
    • Note: If you do not complete the Captcha in the provided 60 seconds if you still have attempts left it will take 1 Attempt from your and restart the timer.
  • Fixed the issue Territory War Guild Honor, should now give in order of score on both teams.
  • Fixed Auto-Sort Cooldown being incorrect.
  • Mimic Skills can now be upgraded past level 100.
  • Gear Upgrade Suggestion Reset Scroll V can now be used on gear that is above level 100.
  • Fixed part of the description on the Daily Login Reward Interface.
  • Fixed text on one of the options on the Daily Reward NPC.
  • Charms from Daily Login Reward are now NT as Intended.
  • Removed Dug Trophy from dropping on one of the mobs in Trial: Dark Tide Cave.
  • Fixed an issue where if a party member disconnects or leaves party during trial that the boss will no longer drop items.
    • Note: This will still happen in a Taunt Party.
  • Added Butiki and Blastoise to Alternate Dimension of Souls for all your NPC selling needs.
  • Fixed the Archive Sections with some minor section corrections.
  • Fixed the Effect Icon of:
    • Spear of the Dragon Hunter
    • Spear of the Dragon Slayer



Class Fixes

  • Holy Sage Skill "Aura: Prophet's Blessing" has been fixed when used with KP.
  • Dragon Emperor Skill "Dragon Emperor Leadership" now grants attack speed as intended.
    • Note: Like the movement speed if the attack speed is linked to the mount, so you will not gain this buff in Dream of Destruction Dungeons.



Thank you and have a wonderful day!


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