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Halloween Trivia Event

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Hello everyone,

As title says we have Halloween so this will be a trivia about the Halloween event we currently running. So get educated fast to have a chance for something cool. ^^

When it will happen: Monday 5th November 2018 at 7:00 pm Server Time (Server time here)

Each faction will get 4 questions and you can win only once on them and 1 grand question that winners from the previous questions can also take part.


1 event point and 1 Seona's key


1 event point, 2 Seona's keys and a special boss spawn of your choice.

  • Note: Boss spawn for the grand winners will be once [GM]Vivi is free so the winners be patient for it. ^^


  • NO ALTS, if you get caught to use alt for more chances on winning you will end up getting nothing. (All winners will be checked before prizes hand over).
  • Play fair so everyone will enjoy the event. :)
  • Answer will be only in shout. (to prevent people saying that i choose the winner).


FK Side GS name: NoRunNoGun

RG Side GS name: Alternative

Hope you all enjoy the Halloween event so far and hope to see you all in.

Stay safe and enjoy the game.

Edited by NoRunNoGun

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