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Bug Fix Patch


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As many of you know recently there was a fix made to the Colossal Cauldren dungeon on an exploit that allowed you to get infinate Movement Speed permenantly until you either logged out or changed to a different channel. Last week 2 other exploits where brought to my attention that warrented me to search for the cause behind these exploits that where popping up. After doing a bit of digging I located and fixed the root cause of this problem. Although I will not explain the bug exactly as it's best not to send the entire community like a pack of wolves trying a million other ways to try and recreate the issue what I will say is that the issue was possible with many other places in the game including PvP environments. If there is any issues with the game after this fix with buffs please write a ticket or pass the information to a GS so that we can investigate and fix the problem.

Thank you, your GM Team!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Major bug in relation to buffs having the reverse effect on death.
  • Fixed all level 80 TK Weapons so now they give the correct stats (As before this patch they where heavily bugged, especially the shield.



Have a nice day!



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