Design a Costume ROUND 1

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❤️Hi Hi GS Nova here~!❤️

Hi all! It's event time!
While I am working hard on upcoming cosmetics for the game 
we here on the SB Team think it would be fun to allow you guys to have the opportunity to design a costume for the game!
This is your chance to have your ideal costume made so don't miss out! 😮


Your concept sheet must be set up similar to the example below:
Must provide:
- Clear view of front and back and side
- All details must be visible and explained (as shown above)
- All parts of the outfit must be labelled (Example: LED, Decal, Tattoo)
- You must provide a brief description of your concept
- Concepts must be in colour and preferably in Digital Format

Failure to provide these details WILL 
impact your entry
as I will need this information for the chosen costume.

Limited to 1 entry per person🤚

All entries MUST be your own work. Copyright characters and content 
or stolen, plagiarised works will result in disqualification.

Costumes will be judged by the following criteria:
- Creativeness and Uniqueness
- Fits in with Scarlet Blade
- Has followed all instructions clearly
and has a well laid out concept sheet

NOTE: Due to restrictions to our models we ask that you please look at current costumes in game for reference of what is possible for us currently. we can ONLY modify what currently exists.

1 winner will be chosen and have their
❤️design made into an official costume available in Scarlet Blade❤️
💜The winner will also receive their costume for one class of their choice💙
Entries will close June 30th
Winner's will be announced July 1st 


All Entries must be submitted to this thread here: TEMPLATE AVAILABLE

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