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Server Side Patch

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Hey everyone just a quick server side patch today to fix a bug with the Celestial Arrow class. I will also like to mention the Dragonside Sanctuary event has now ended. I will mail the players in game today on what to do next and prizes will be sent in due time.


Bug Fixes

  • Celestial Arrow skill "Sacred Spirit Arrow" no longer chain's off itself (This SHOULD fix lag as I was now able to DSR run with this class without even a stutter of lag).
    • Note: This will affect the class in game and I will be keeping an eye on it over the coming weeks incase it needs tweaks for next patch. Please provide feedback on the Patch v48 Feedback thread about this fix.
    • Note: I will also be keeping an eye on the Reaver class as it has a similar issue but no where near as bad as Celestial Arrow.


Thank you, Enjoy!

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