[FIX] For those having problems with Windows 10 SB

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💎Hi Hi GS Nova here~!💎

Recently I had some problems with Scarlet Blade not opening after the xingcode loading screen. Luckily I found a fix for this and hope this helps for anyone else who may
have this issue.

The TL;DR of this is: Roll back to a previous version of windows 10

After the recent windows 10 update is when my game stopped working however to be sure I recommend trying out our other fixes such as:
- Making sure to add the entire game folder to your
exceptions list on Windows Defender

- white listing on your anti virus software

- Flushing your DNS and rebooting your PC

- Try a VPN

- Try our alternate download of Scarlet Blade 


If none of those options work try rolling back to a previous version of
windows 10 as that is the only thing that worked for me.

As part of our staff I highly advise submitting a ticket to support so we
can help you out as much as possible.
You can submit a ticket at the link below:

Hopes this helps! if not please let us know so we can help you 💙💜

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