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  1. Would've loved to see that portal near the Headsnachers in Scylla being used.
  2. Well, sure you can do that. In terms of aesthetics, it might be tacky.
  3. Well, behind the girl there is a transport. And at the entrance of Archeron, you're standing in front of the transport as well. The dungeon appears to be floating high in the sky, so yeah.
  4. Where would you put the thing? Archeron required a shuttle of the sort to get there.
  5. Response in red. On another note, the rules are being reviewed for possible revision. @AnnieJust because some of your antics are not written as illegal, it doesn't necessarily mean you are undeserving of negative consequences that are also not written as illegal. This discussion ends now. Closed.
  6. I recall them having the capability of being able to set your character back to 59. Just send a ticket in and see if they can or willing to do it.
  7. Send a helpdesk ticket on this matter. The GMs may be able to help you with this.
  8. Norleras

    Squar 1

    I have my doubts that this is doable.
  9. And make the starting line and checkpoints spawnpoints if you die in the race
  10. On the contrary. The skill changes affected all caps. Since there is little activity in those tiers, we have little data on pvp matters to decide on "balance".
  11. @NoRunNoGunThe "Install Me" file they are referring to came from that link.
  12. What about this? The game is not loading/cannot stay connected (on any windows)/can't show a picture properly (Windows 8+). Download this: (files for directx9c for newer versions of windows) Follow the steps above listed in the "Queen's Launcher has stopped working" Do a reset of your router and your computer
  13. What about the checkbox of "Run this program as administrator" for each "SB", "SBLauncher", and "xm"? Are the checkboxes filled for all of them?