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  1. I don't see these chips ever seeing play. The idea of having both mobile concealment AND detect is BS... SW doesn't even need detect with Gas. Just drop it like depth charges against subs. Honestly, the idea of PU having another cocoon that is essentially Poison Gas randomly crossed my mind. Just can't manually aim deploy it, cannot be deployed while in stealth, and lasts longer. CD and radius? I dunno
  2. I personally, as a SW main, am not against trying these.
  3. If it's the magic grade one, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it. You would've replaced it down the road, anyways.
  4. Place SB and the Launcher on Firewall exceptions as well, if you haven't already. This may be of use to you as well.
  5. DoT Reduce isn't necessary for SW. I would recommend CP regen to mitigate CP consumption from your Cybersuit and Movement Speed for faster getaways. Though Movement Speed is a preference of mine.
  6. Please don't necro old threads like this. Closed.
  7. For what game? If it's SB and the sub-passwords, you can file a ticket and have GM Level support reset them for you.
  8. This doesn't hold true for all classes, last time I checked.
  9. Usually whenever I run into this, I close all programs/applications that I know has a history interfering with SB and flush the DNS. Once SB is back up and running, then I open those applications again. I also make sure the SB, SBLauncher, and the xm applications are set to run as administrator and compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3. It would also help if you told us more about your computer and what it runs.
  10. WTF? I just spoke to him the other day when he was going bottom bottom on an alt. So I thought.
  11. Not sure if I agree about the "sand in the butt" comment. Though I agree with not killing much by herself. Pulls by themselves tend to be devastating for the one getting pulled. Doesn't matter if it's the WH killing them.
  12. Heck! PvP Def is better than Def. lol
  13. Norleras


    Tell us more about your system. A screenshot of your Task Manager might help so we have more insight as to what your computer is running in the background. Are you using Wifi or ethernet? What were the results, line by line, when you went down the list of suggestions from the links @Mikitotefusent you?
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