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  1. Not sure if I agree about the "sand in the butt" comment. Though I agree with not killing much by herself. Pulls by themselves tend to be devastating for the one getting pulled. Doesn't matter if it's the WH killing them.
  2. Norleras


    Tell us more about your system. A screenshot of your Task Manager might help so we have more insight as to what your computer is running in the background. Are you using Wifi or ethernet? What were the results, line by line, when you went down the list of suggestions from the links @Mikitotefusent you?
  3. Achievements. Collect them for achievements.
  4. If the entire Vendetta folder is not on exceptions of his anti-virus, turning the thing on or off won't make any difference
  5. Do you have Discord Running in the background while SB is loading? Sometimes it interferes with SB
  6. Multiple Full Stacks of 1k RP chips. IGN: LunaNyx
  7. Please do not necro old threads. Start a new one. Sounds like you have something on your computer interfering with SB. Whenever I run into situations like that, the first thing I try is closing programs that are running in the background or ones that are active at the same time as SB. There are times programs like Discord interferes with SB loading. Not all the time, but sometimes turning that off works.
  8. Not sure either as I do not know the gear/chip/title setups between Sand's FK and RG SWs. Rank HP is not supposed to be multiplied
  9. If the opponent has ME buffs as well, then you're both basically fighting as if neither of you had ME buffs
  10. I've gotten one-shotted by PU before as well. This shouldn't be surprising when the person receiving the damage is undergeared or buffs were down.
  11. There are mobs on PvP maps that give the RPs you'll need to purchase the accessories from the vending machines. In viledon, they're at neutral settlement and Oasis. Nemesis, outside of base to the side. Ellis, their off to the corner of the map by the portal that leads to the opposing faction side of Ellis. Amara, same as viledon.
  12. Does your version of Norton have its own firewall or are you using Windows Firewall? If the latter, I'd suggest using a different Firewall. I too ran into similar issues while using the Windows Firewall from Windows 10. I transitioned from Windows 7 to 10 recently
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