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  1. It shouldn't have get to 10:1 to declare bullying. If there was someone really well geared knowingly attacking someone that significantly weaker and repetitively, then that would definitely be bullying. One should be able to figure out that the attacked player is undergeared after the first kill or two. Heck, low max HP is an indicator of an undergeared player. There should be players on the server that have well geared arkana in that tier that could be of help. Of course, that bully could also be trying to provoke a mass pvp in that tier assuming their victims will call for help.
  2. I've tried the skill maxed and its effectiveness is laughable in both PvE and PvP. There is really no point in even having it on the skill tree. Yes I know. Was testing with him for the past couple of days and has gotten tankier as he experimented more. I've been seeing other SWs take him down to like 1/2 health at best. This is a similar result as to when WH had over 9k crit-eva. I would like to see how the RG SWs handle it too.
  3. Until they fix the fade bug, that is. But not counting on that happening any time soon.
  4. Bikini can not only survive SWs, he tanks like a WH now.
  5. And outside of SW and WH, how high can one get their ch-acc? Reason I'm excluding those two classes is because they are the only classes that are mathematically guaranteed to land a stun/disable on an SW with all of her defensive buffs up and without the support of a Medic. I imagine near 250% as that's around what SW would have without Miss Misery up and the right gear. Lets also suppose her ch-eva is roughly 18k = 180%. Our Probability P = 2.50 - 1.80 = 0.70 (or 70%) Non-SW and Non-WHs have 3-4 stuns/disables including their mechs. So lets use 3 for now. Let the Stun Sample Size = 3n, where n is the number of players attacking SW. An SW tends to be dead after 1 stun against more than one player and you have 3n chances to land at least 1 stun. So, our formula would look like (3n C k)*(0.7^(k))*(0.3^(3n-k)), where k is the number of stuns landed and k<= 3n If n=1, then P(X>=1) = .973 (or 97.3%) If n =2, then P(X>=1) = 0.999271. (or 99.9271%) If n=3, then P(X>=1) = .999980317 (or 99.9980317) and so on. If I may add to Sand's comment, I've seen a lot of SWs use Escape Artist before they land their first disable or stun. I think the timer starts the moment the skill is activated, so about fraction of the duration is used during skill animation. So, make that less than 10 seconds of "invulnerability". I'd say about 7 to 8 seconds in practice.
  6. Yeah, that jacket does look cool. Easily goes well with DE and PU. A black and red counterpart would look great too.
  7. Imagine Caroline and/or your arkana doing some cheesy religious dance as a way of praying for the results and is justified by dedication instead of that bar.
  8. Actually, I think WH is pretty much fine the way she is too. If anything the previous skill trees were good except WH's and DEs
  9. I agree when it comes to not deleting WH's pull stuns. Having experienced the patch with no stuns in her pulls, it was really a kick to the face. Pull, kick to the face and stunned, and finally dead or your teammates are dead. Also, at the time her buffs weren't scaled to compensate for the new offensive skill effects. THere also wasn't enough ACC/CH-ACC for her to keep up with the lvl 60s gear. Back then I recall Crit-Eva WH being a thing. That was a skill build with no skill rotation. Just Pure Crowd Control (CC) and support, while killing was icing on the cake. If there is ever going to be a nerf to WH, not saying there will be, I could see a reduction in stun duration of her pulls only. In my limited experience with a Pure CC Support, the stun just needs to be long enough to follow through with another attack and her skill animations can be on the long side. If you want a decent rotation, WH needs enough stun duration to so all of her disables could land and keep the opponent in range to keep follow up with strikes. No stuns in pulls disallows that and Sadist's choice has a delay before actually stunning the opponent. Pulls and sadist's choice are her only means of making full use of the disable durations of her Electric Tempest and Lightning Whip. The latter having roughly a 1 second delay, making it more critical to have a long enough stun duration if used at the beginning of the rotation. Lets suppose that CB's pull doesn't have stun, don't CBs use it while the opponent is under the effects of a stun from an arkana form skill? Also CB has much more burst damage than WH. And WH, to maximize her damage output from weak attacks, has to have longer rotations. So instead of a lot of people compressing a huge amount of damage within short rotations, like PU and CB, WH has to phase it all out with several more attacks and longer stun/disable
  10. In PvP and PvE, the duration before the damage takes place is excessive and easily cleansed for the amount of damage it inflicts and the amount of points required. I tested it maxed strictly for PvE leveling purposes. I've found that it is only useful when the monster you're attacking with it is about 2 or 3 levels above you since the duration is reduced from the level differences. If the level difference is too high, the debuff won't last long enough for damage to trigger. As the level differences narrowed, its damage output got more overshadowed by SW"s AoE skills including Cyberclusters. The AoE effect was a nice addition, but it wasn't enough to justify allocating points to it. In fact, I had to go out of my way to not attack the affected monsters so the debuff could inflict damage on them. There's also that weird mechanic that if it doesn't draw aggro, by the time damage is inflicted, the monster's HP auto full heals. I'm also of the current understanding that it doesn't affect HP potion effects. I haven't tried Smokescreen long enough to find much use for it to justify the reduction of Damage Output for its useage, but based on what I've seen, I'm not impressed with it as a separate skill.
  11. Fair enough. Calming Essence still sucks. lol
  12. I don't remember seeing any of that, but okay.
  13. Among the GSs I presume and not a random sample from the player base as well?
  14. What if you allowed input from some of the people who specialize in the classes before finalizing changes?