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  1. And may be replaced with chips.
  2. You need to talk to one of the NPCs to get the quest
  3. That was not intentional.
  4. Be funny if Mechs weren't class locked.
  5. Yeah... It really irks me, to be frank.
  6. Responses in red
  7. It is safe to download. Try this.
  8. AP shop, using AP. Other alternative is to buy AP items from players "selling" AP.
  9. Procedure-wise, yes as it's the most direct way of reaching them. They may be willing to help you here, but that's up to them.
  10. You may need to create a new account and send a ticket to the GM level staff with it on this matter.
  11. Or Barbiron or allow 60+ players in Ellis. The latter is a joke.
  12. Or him playing "Extra-Foolish Burial"