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  1. Norleras

    Party opposing faction players

    I don't recall this being brought up before, but it would be nice if we could party people of opposing factions for EXP grinding in DV.
  2. Norleras

    Pet Chat!

    1. "You can buzz off. She's mine!" 2. "Don't bother me! I'm ogling!" 3. "Take that, bitch!"
  3. Norleras

    new pet skin

    Is that the one where Vivi uses as her avatar in game?
  4. Norleras

    BG > RP >SG

    I lose 2045 as Archangel. Imagine how that feels. lol
  5. Blueberry and all them black and blue bruises
  6. What if the GMs did a lottery system for the Faction changes and only 1 or 2 among the applied get to change?
  7. To put an end to that, just place a permanent cocoon on the spawn points that do AoE Damage that stack over time
  8. Norleras

    rare jewels vs unique

    Saving mine in the event they release rank 2 ling jewels or Ancient Jewels or something. lol
  9. Norleras

    Questions from Someone new...

    Also remain in the 29 tier for a bit until you've accumulated a few dozen 1k boosters if they still are acquirable there
  10. This is one reason I decided to level up my RG SW. Once she is lvl 65 she'll have an easier time pulling her weight during times RG numbers are low.
  11. Norleras

    Punisher Build Discussion

    True if Physical Damage. If Ch-Damage, it'll be zero.
  12. Norleras

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Please bring back the Metallic Phoenix bikes. There is a demand for them as there are people who have been asking if I'm selling mine.
  13. Norleras

    Punisher Build Discussion

    Probably reliant on ch-acc like the stun/disables
  14. Norleras

    Narak Infant

    Might as well, before it gets bigger. It's not like it could be turned against its own kind. Though it may as well be an adult if I remember the dimensions of Narak Spaceship correctly.
  15. Doper already made a "guide" for SW a while back. It hasn't been updated for some time like this one. I have met some SW players who thought the damage passive is overrated for SW and I haven't tried their route yet. So I'm not completely sure about it at the moment. I think there already is one for ME. Don't quote me on that.