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  1. Place the entire SB folder into Antivirus exceptions, not just the SB application, if you haven't already. Set SB and the launcher to run as Administrator. What version of Windows are you using? Are you using Comodo DNS?
  2. It may also be of use if we had a consolidation of player time zones and usual activity times so we could accommodate as many as we can.
  3. Another program in the background is interfering with SB or malware. In my case, Discord has been responsible for that as of late. If you have Discord running before loading SB, shut it down and then load SB. Once SB is up and running and you see your character, then load back up Discord.
  4. Will have to take another look at the Jack of Blades debuff. I haven't used it since ASB.
  5. This is pretty much a duplicate post. Closed.
  6. Yeah, I would troll every now and then with Ravaging. They're so expensive in CP, that its discouraging to use for what they do. I concur with Sand's assessment concerning Jack of Blades, even though I don't have it.
  7. I suppose another option to consider is making the ultis not share cooldowns for all classes if we want to see them see play more. The only class as far as I know that doesn't have ultis that have share cooldowns is SW, which I think is not right. Either have SW's ultis share cooldowns or have all of the other classes have separate Ulti cooldowns.
  8. Are you using a VPN? All I can say is that something on your computer is blocking/interfering with SB, causing it to crash or get blocked. SB is pretty sensitive to things like that. The the drastic thing I've done when SB starts getting blocked, when previously wasn't an issue, is a system restore. Only if suspected malware ended up on my computer interfering with SB. Another thing to consider is a Disk Cleanup as well to clear out all of your temporary internet files.
  9. Consider the the courses of action in this link. If that doesn't work, let us know.
  10. Works okay for me. Have you tried using a different browser and making sure it doesn't have anything running that could be blocking the download?
  11. Assume --> Ass + U + Me ---> By assuming you're making a piece of shit out of all parties.
  12. This has been on the back of our minds for some time.
  13. I don't know your educational accomplishments, your technical qualifications, certifications, work experience, etc., but you're coming off as a bit arrogant here. Of course, this is the internet. Talk is cheap.
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