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  1. Since the matter has been resolved and Sand said his piece, I'm closing this thread.
  2. plus there are games that are just as hard to grind or harder and you have to either pay for boosters or wait for exp events to make slivers of progress or both
  3. Then you'll have to worry about bullying as well as pvpers complaining about being down by the number of people farming.
  4. I wonder if the dog tags and medals can be exchanged for instant exp pots?
  5. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. Noblesse
  6. I guess that's another matter to fix. Make the teleport have a requirement of completing the last quest in there.
  7. between some of the most skilled players, it tends to be roughly fifty fifty between SE and SW at best. Also depending on the gear, randoms and jewels, there are other ways of breaking through SEs defenses. I'm currently of the opinion that DE and WH shouldn't be killable in a single rotations anyways with their defensive buffs up, except by PU at a cost
  8. Be nice if she could attack with that satellite too.
  9. The only thing I've yet to see documented is whether your installer, launcher, and SB itself are set to run as administrator. Its not just SB that should be added to exceptions lists. Put EVERYTHING in the SB folder you could possibly add to the lists affiliated to SB should be added.
  10. I haven't spent a lot of time in the lower tiers since the lvl 65 cap was released. My information for them is obsolete at this time. If I build a lvl 29 SW, I'd try something like this I personally wouldn't worry too much about the damage passive until later levels. It doesn't look like in the 29 tier she can use enough attacks in a pvp rotation to capitalize on it effectively.
  11. I like using SW for farming. The option of using Fade to slip through monsters to reach bosses is nice without having to risk mistiming In Plain Sight on PU after biking to your destination. Ghost walk, you can cancel the aggro of monsters and recover HP after running to a safe place. At the beginning, I'd suggest focusing on EVA stats from Scout/Killer Accessories for PvE.
  12. where are you from again?
  13. Since this matter has been resolved, this thread is now closed.