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  1. I concur with Beau regarding the usage of SW buffs. It's a matter of cycling through your buffs be it your EVA/Ch-Eva buffs or your stealth skills. As for Escape Artist specifically, I cannot see it's duration getting extended any time soon. In PvE, just cycle through Miss Misery and Escape Artist one buff at a time. PvP, make full use of your stealth, time Escape Artist right, Cat Scratch them up, and get the hell out of there.
  2. Think she means the verbal abuse type of harassment. Being it being toxic on shout or whisper.
  3. Norleras

    Dog tags

    *Flips the game upside down and makes ME an OP PvP Class beating up WHs*
  4. Keep this on topic or I'll be forced to close it.
  5. At the lower levels, I find myself having problems getting stardusts to upgrade stuff outside of dungeons. There's also the matter of little gold to acquire at those tiers as well, I find+8 to be a pain at times and +9 is worse. In fact, I'd never go beyond +8 without SGs. Again, lets not take our resources for granted and assume the newer players can do it as nonchalantly like we can.
  6. Those are gravity. SW has no Atomic skills
  7. Norleras

    Dog tags

    I could see using the Dog Tags for stuff that would be used in PvP. Take buff potions, for example. The items you're suggesting should remain as is or go to the AP shop. That's just me. Oh! Here's a few dime-a-dozen dog tags in exchange for a stupidly hard to to get tool that isn't remotely close to COTS or for a meteor.
  8. That's enough you two. I'll close this if this thread gets out of hand again.
  9. The login error hasn't been happen as much lately. One work around for me is open multiple instances of SB and have your login already inputted. If one fails, close it. Start again with another already open instance until you're in.
  10. The section you extracted this excerpt pertains to Damage. So it's only talking about Damage. Really depends on Context. Since there are Gravity, Plasma, Voltage, Atomic, and Particle types of Ch-damage, there are also Ch-Resistances of those same types. If you see Gravity, Plasma, Voltage, Atomic, or Particle on a piece of armor or a defensive buff, it's a Ch-Resist. When it comes to attacks, the way to know what type of ch-damage the skill inflicts is in the color of the font. If Purple, Gravity. If Light Blue, Atomic. Yellow = Voltage. Orange = Plasma. Red = Particle.
  11. Siren has the same Point System as TP when it comes to boxes
  12. Guess I'll be spamming SF when I get to be of level
  13. Class I've been observing and hearing seeming to have problems with variety and being effective is probably CB. Either go full Tank like Arcangel does or go high offense and be squishy. Not much in-between for CB.
  14. Max ACC for WH is around 216.8% (Including Single Pull), around 206.8 with AoE pull, and SE EVA caps a little over 16k. THink you guys can figure the rest out.