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  1. Or if you hear their Miss Misery or Precision Buffs, then use Restoration or detect skills. As an SW main, I know better to NOT attack a ME with Restoration active. If I do, I'll abort the attack.
  2. Annie from what I recall is more squishy than a lot of Medics. I would target her on that basis at times. @Daddy If you're saying HP was always meh, that's also saying something as the MEs I wasn't able to kill were HP MEs in 59 cap.
  3. And 59 Cap SW struggled if at all successful in killing ME if I may add. Dunno about 49 and 54 as I wasn't PvP Active at the time. 59 cap was so bad for SW that a single SE was able to single-handedly take down 2 SWs.
  4. That's enough. Unless we start seeing proposals that are useful such as adjust skill A's stats from x to y, adjust skill requirements from c to d, change skill effects from h to i, etc. along with good justification such as spreadsheet data with narrative, I'm going to close this thread. I'm mostly seeing whining with vague/useless feedback.
  5. All ling jewels are blue. You need to be more clear when you decide to label by color vs grade @GoddessSand SW can still make use of PU cocoon and there is Veil of Offense.
  6. This is the internet and a forum. You can't really stop anyone from posting their opinions
  7. Does a txt file get created in the Log folder in the SB directory when this happens? Please check if it does. Another question. Did you put the installer on exceptions lists of firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware (If you have it) as well as run everything as administrator?
  8. What about the "xm" application in the xigncode folder? Did you put that on exceptions list of your firewall? Have you also flushed your dns? I did a little searching and it seems restarting the computer is a work around. If you have this "Asmedia 106x SATA Controller" installed, disable it or get rid of it. It may be another driver issue interfering with SB or Xigncode such as MSI Afterburner
  9. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to close this until further notice as well. If another thread pops up, then by all means contribute.
  10. This was an issue with PU pre-patch for some. Now DE is in that boat according to some players. But lets not do anything rash and assume changes are final. Another adjustment will naturally occur.
  11. Think it was Drakkar that said something along those lines.
  12. Increasing the effectiveness of PU Debuffs like Penetration or adding additional debuffs I recall suggesting. I don't recall the discussion getting very far. At least here.
  13. Probably because of the Frenzy and Firing Squad comparison
  14. I've gotten 1 hit by Italy pre-patch, but my buffs were down. I do not remember if he had supporting buffs on, though.
  15. The pull is dependent on ACC/EVA. The stun is dependent on CH-ACC/CH-EVA.