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  1. I use the ch-atk accessories for the ch-eva as well.
  2. I can see doing that too for those cases where you're accumulating them more quickly than one can consume them
  3. Honestly, I'd just assume use crit-atk jewels. That way in the event you crit someone with high crit-void, your damage wouldn't take as much of a drop when crits land. It is indeed possible for crits to inflict less damage than a non-crit. Ch-atks crit too and are affected by the crit-atk value. At least have it high enough so Shadow Strike can make up for enough difference in crit-atk vs crit-void.
  4. It should be okay. Though I haven't touched Pure Chakra build in a long time, so yeah
  5. I personally prefer it because of the additional Void Pierce and it depends on who you're up against
  6. Please do not necro old threads. If this is still a problem, please start a new one. This thread is now closed.
  7. Since it has been stated that this matter is resolved inthe OP's Edit, this thread is closed
  8. Wish I kept mine. Didn't think I' be resetting my skill trees as frequent as I am now
  9. Lets not necro old and resolved threads. Closed
  10. Never seen them drop, either.
  11. Since this topic seems resolved, this thread is now closed.
  12. Keep it in English please. Not everyone here understands French. Okay. Now that I have access to Google Translate, the answer is no. By starting here, you'll be starting from the beginning.
  13. At his level, I wouldn't expect him to have much gold on him to buy the ideal stat rates. If he hasn't been dungeoning, he won't have a lot of stardusts to enhance anything. If he does have stardusts, I'd suggest prioritizing your weapon in enhancing it. Kill the monsters before they kill you.
  14. Mind telling us your class, skill build, and maybe a screenshot of your gear? Some veterans of your class may be willing to help you and point you in a better direction as to how to proceed.