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  1. Welcome back. Name sounds familiar. Might've seen you around during the tail end of ASB.
  2. Well, yeah. That's a reason I have mixed feelings about it on the positive side of the spectrum
  3. I have mixed feelings about SP. The balls tend to get in the way of PvPing, but that's just me. With that in mind and watching them bounce around, it makes me want to kick someone in the balls and bounce them around. lol
  4. Make sure everything is on your anti-virus exceptions, as well as on the Firewall "allow program through firewall". Easiest thing to do is place the entire Vendetta Folder on Anti-Virus Exceptions.
  5. What game are you referring to?
  6. And a one-shot guard or two to protect her. She sees a zerg and I can imagine her ranting over not being paid enough to get overran by that shit. lol
  7. I dunno. From all of the drinking, smoking, and going to the strip club tipping performers, would one think they have much money on them? lol
  8. Might be better in the Neutral Settlement area as they don't drop anything beyond RPs
  9. Res skill for all classes and reuse the provoke animation. Revived player gains a 20 second attack buff called "Pissed off". lol
  10. Lols and name it reactor core or something.
  11. Be nice if we could spawn boxes in each team's bases and bring a Caergate element into Amara
  12. A couple of example builds. These should be workable in PvP as well.
  13. Put the folder in exceptions. Disabling Anti-Virus is not enough
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