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  1. A reminder of "Unknown" from the Tekken series.
  2. We'd have to worry about those players bullying new ones for psychological highs and boosts in self importance.
  3. Placing SB on exceptions vs turning the applications off are two very different things. What about running both the launcher and the SB exe as administrator?
  4. Janus and Turnpike you can do once you reach the 60s tier if you so desire
  5. I main with SW. Secondary is WH, which I'm relearning.
  6. As long as you have a Medic, you should be good to go with any other class in your party. Unless it's duo ME, in my opinion
  7. Either them or Faith and Grace if you're using a FK ME
  8. From a practicality perspective, the only "animations"s you need to concern yourself are those from certain bosses. Other than them, it's either you get hit by the mobs or you don't based on RNG. Skyjump is more of a pvp skill than pve
  9. Welcome back. Name sounds familiar. Might've seen you around during the tail end of ASB.
  10. Well, yeah. That's a reason I have mixed feelings about it on the positive side of the spectrum
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