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  1. Have you checked your spam or junk folders?
  2. Try a different email service. Seems like hotmail doesn't to so hot with VGN. Either that check your spam or junk folders.
  3. I'm not noticing much difference from last Maintenance in regards to lag. The party lag I deal with hasn't gotten better nor worse on my end. I don't know your system, but there may be an application, driver, recent system update, etc. that could be interfering with SB. If that falls among those comments that would tell us to "stfu and get off this post", then you won't hear anything more from me other than "good luck". There's only so much one can do.
  4. If my memory serves me correctly, this is a matter regarding winrar. Either get your hands on the most current version of winrar with or use another program that allows for unpacking SB.
  5. In cases like Immolation or Electric Tempest, the individual strikes are not affected by boosts. Boosts affect the total amount of damage the skill inflicts. The divided damage you see from the individual strikes are just for show. As for the %ch-atk, rumor has it is that it doesn't work as intended. I haven't gotten around to verifying it, though.
  6. Well, buffs being expensive is not an uncommon complaint I've seen from ME players.
  7. Or make the so called "Truck kun" mech with one Epona Sprint-like skill. (Fuuka reference) lol
  8. Yeah, zzzzz is Annie
  9. Closing this. It's getting stupid.