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  1. Please do not necro old threads. Closed
  2. Gotta spin her around a bit first. (Joke)
  3. Be sure you have the entire SB folder on exceptions of your anti-virus. Have the SB exe, SBLauncher, and the xm application in the xigncode folder on exceptions of your firewall. Turning them off isn't sufficient. Set windows compatibility to Windows 7 or below. For some, all it takes is trying again. For others, there's something else interfering with SB from loading.
  4. Either the AP shop, Lv 65 boss drops, or events.
  5. I've seen players use combat Medic in PvP. Illusion being one of the more notable ones. What do you mean by "noob traps"?
  6. Sounds like you haven't tried putting the entire SB folder on exceptions of your Anti virus. Also put SB on exceptions of your firewall. Turning the anti-virus and firewall off is not sufficient.
  7. Put the entire SB folder on exceptions of your Antivirus. Like Jordan said, false flag.
  8. close everything and try again. Just means something is interfering with SB loading. Also make sure SB is running as Administrator.
  9. I just tested it without regard of what the character screen says and the Enhanced Arkana Racer does indeed drive at 180, when it should be 190.
  10. Regarding the atl100.dll issue, did you use the links in and installed them using the provided .exe files? You're better off using those instead of manually finding the .dlls and placing them into your folder.
  11. I don't see these chips ever seeing play. The idea of having both mobile concealment AND detect is BS... SW doesn't even need detect with Gas. Just drop it like depth charges against subs. Honestly, the idea of PU having another cocoon that is essentially Poison Gas randomly crossed my mind. Just can't manually aim deploy it, cannot be deployed while in stealth, and lasts longer. CD and radius? I dunno
  12. I personally, as a SW main, am not against trying these.
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