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Patch v52

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  • Monster's in Palace of Dream's are now level 105 (So that you're now able to farm Monster Stone crystals at level 120 here).
  • Slightly Reduced the Mutant Monster's Knockback Skill in Whispering Woods, Singing Valley, Roaming Hills and Crystal Utopia.
  • Baby Phoenix can now be stacked x999.
  • Green Bean Phoenix can now be stacked x999.
  • Green Bean Phoenix will now craft x3 instead of x1.



Normal Class Territory War Changes / New Player Changes

  • Any Weapon or Armor level 80 or bellow can now be fortified to +14 without Safety Stones.
  • Updated Basic Gem Enchanter "Urn" Located at Aven (X:279, Y:295).
    • Now sells Basic Level 4/5/6 Resistance Gems (Level 60 - 80).
      • Note: These gem's cannot be upgraded.
    • Now gives free Eternal Chisel's (Level 80).
  • Monster Stone's are now disabled during normal class Territory War.




  • Head
    • Dynasty Oracle Hat (Legendary)
  • Back
    • Obsidian Mummy Coffin (Legendary)
    • Marble Mummy Coffin (Legendary)
    • Golden Mummy Coffin (Legendary)



Balance Changes (Items)

  • Knuckle Bracer
    • Decreased Basic Attack DMG from 50% to 30%.
    • Increased block debuff from -35% to -40%.
  • Apocalyptic Defender
    • Increased M-ATK from 20% to 25%.



Balance Changes (Classes)

  • Executioner
    • Bloodlust Thrust
      • Now is a 5 meter AOE Skill.
    • Offense not Defense
      • DMG Taken reduced from +20% to +10%.
  • Dragon Soul
    • Dragon Charge
      • Cooldown reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Dragon Wrath
      • Now increases Move SPD +10%.
  • Dragon Emperor
    • Flame Lance
      • When in "Dark Dragon" mode increases "Soul Bound Lance" DMG +30%.
  • Rakshasa
    • Focused Energy
      • Cooldown Removed.
      • Cast Time reduced from 1 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
      • Duration increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Trainer
    • Feral Fury
      • Now additionally decreased Pet's DMG Taken -20%.
  • Darkness Blade
    • Enchantment Circle
      • Now increases Double Hit Rate +5%.
  • Adjudicator
    • Power Infusion
      • Now gives Physical Resistance +5 pts.
      • Now gives Fire, Ice and Lightning +5 pts.
    • Power Transmission (KP)
      • Now gives "Power Infusion" an additional Nature, Holy and Dark Resistance +5 pts.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Entrance to "Dragonridge Danctuary (Easy Mode)".
  • Removed and re-created the Guild Arena Ranking System to fix the bugs that occured with it randomly resetting everyone's points to 0 after Maintenance and after Territory Wars.
  • Fixed Dragon Soul Skill "Dragon Wrath" so that it now gives +10% Malice as intended.



Text Updates

  • Knuckle Bracer and Apocalyptic Defender now displays all numerical values.
  • Improved the Clarity on the description of Adjudicator Skill "Power Infusion".




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