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Patch v53

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A big thank you to our community for playing Eden Eternal for 4 years. We hope you're still enjoying your time here and we will be having a small event to celebrate our anniversary.

  • <Snow Queen> Yui will spawn in Aven (X:332, Y:322) giving out rewards every couple of hours.


  • Many rewards can be claimed from Aven:
    • Dragon Guardian mount's (Including new available colours).
    • Various Twin Saga house accessories (Including newly added items).
    • Costumes.


  • The first week of this event will have a +150% EXP/CP boost.
  • Diamond Altar will be active this week.


Main Changes

  • Added the Dragon Trials in Dragonside Ridge (X:594, Y:680).
    • Dragon Trial: Crypticone (5 Players).
    • Dragon Trial: Delphi Temple (5 Players).
    • Dragon Trial: Dragon's Keep (8 Players).
    • Dragon Trial: Palace of Dreams (8 Players).


  • Added Orange & Gold Armor Sets (Level 110).
    • Note: These armors will have Awaken Versions and will come towards the end of the year or the start of next year depending on how development goes.
  • Added Gold Weapons (Level 110).
    • Note: These weapons will now use "Rose Crystal Sand" instead of "Emerald Crystal Sand" to refresh the percentage. You can upgrade "Emerald Crystal Sand" to "Rose Crystal Sand" in the Arcane Box.



  • Added Normal Class Sakura Island.
    • Note: This can be accessed from the same NPC in Aven.
  • Added Archive Search Feature.
    • Note: Is case sensitive.


  • Added Level 8 Partial Enchants.
  • Added Level 120 Eternal Chisel.
  • Updated the Path of Destiny board icon's.
  • Added Soul Guardian to Dragonridge Sanctuary trial area.
  • Increase the amount of Achievement points given by the Guild Bosses in the maps released in Patch v44.
  • Increase the level of <Whispering Queen> Venom to level 100.
  • Ghoulish Silver Skull (Legendary) & Ghoulish Midnight Skull (Legendary) is now tradeable.
  • Updated the damage type of the following pets:
    • Lumikki
    • Justicia
    • Nidhogg
    • Chistmas Lumikki
    • Alternate Alice
    • Halloween Zashi
    • Sakuya-Hime
    • Maid Serena
    • Serena
    • Alice


New Player Changes

  • Reduced the respawn time of all World Bosses from 2 hours to 1 hour.



  • Mounts
    • Golden Dragon Guardian
    • Green Dragon Guardian
    • Pink Dragon Guardian
    • Purple Dragon Guardian
    • Tangerine - Court Maid Cat
    • Ebony - Noble Duke Cat
    • Fireworks - Sushi Master Cat
    • Crimson Squad - Cute Tiger Officer
    • Shadow Squad - Cute Tiger Officer
    • Revered Commander - Kitami General
    • Nightshadow - Soaring Lion King
    • Brightsky - Soaring Lion King
    • Holywing - Soaring Lion King
  • Pet
    • Robust & Magic Yui
    • Robust & Magic Christmas Yui
  • House
    • Many decorations have been added from Twin Saga for the Anniversary Event and the Item Mall.


Bug Fixes

  • Reverted the fix from Patch v51 "You can now gain CCM while using Blockade Jewel" as it was causing other issues with rankings.
    • Note: This will be looked into further in the future.
  • Fixed the Achievement Icon for the 3 Year Anniversary Boss Nerokas.
  • Updated the Description of the "Unable to switch" buff so that players know that it can be removed at Aven.
  • Updated the Description of the Normal Class TW Maps.
  • Fixed the name of all level 80 Farm/Mine/Altar BP's.



Nice Day!




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