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Crunchy Rooooll, Take me hooome, To my waifuus, And my imotooous , She’s got pies and thiiiighs, and tits with eyeeees, she only costs me 6.95..Oh I'm hooome, Crunchy Rooooll

Slide to the left, slide to the left 
Take a lil' step, ay, slide to the left 
Slide to the right, slide to the right 
Move your panties to the side, I be in it all night  



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The plan is to only relate it to SB in an indirect way @Vivi

Kyo & Peppah are 2 SB players who love to go to McDonald and challenge each other, indeed they PHAT AF same as their whippers in SB, so lazy and phatty that soon humanity needs new sizes to cover their butts lines. Then there is also Sand ( @GoddessSand) who sometimes likes to hang out with them, but against theirs' 12+ McDonald's food trays Sand just gets happy with a HappyMeal with Transformers or Cars


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