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  1. pls nerf filo she always last hits me
  2. that happens when pu has acc buff + medic acc buff + all the debuffs that were applied to ur se by whipper + me's medic atk buff veil of offence + pu penetration + probably kali. In this case even under ur eva u can get 1 shot
  3. Just subscribe to my youtube channel and the game is safe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoDScb1rBxTNsg16wlUCuWQ
  4. no gs show up in rank cus of their gs statue
  5. If you are to play fk side as I understood, best option for u would be to make a medic if ur end goal is pvp and to farm dungeons in party mode. In PvP FK side lacks medics so you would be seeing ur self in a party the moment you log in. Given the current situation on FK side there are about 2 players only that main the medic class. Be aware that by choosing to play medic means depending a lot on other people, whether that is pvp, pve, and u gotta wait for ppl to be available out of their own things to farm with you etc. Most ppl that play this game stay at lv. 60+ maps, or Suer Lv. 39 - 65 which is a shared map between the 2 factions. Instead if your main goal is to be less depending on others and therefore tp play solo dungeons/pve then a sentinel or punisher fits better, punisher is best to solo dungeons. Sentinel is good all over, in pvp, pve. My suggestion: make medic but make also either a sentinel or punisher. It is not hard to gear over time.
  6. Wouldn't it be possible to bring soccer pitch at 65? that bg is pretty fun to pvp with all that mess around. 2nd ark is boring af due to no good drops and also there are some ppl in ark which would rather get a 1 kill of advantage in it and then to keep running between the 2 sides of the mid wall just till end of bg to avoid the enemy, making this totally unfair lose for the other side, or they would also just die on purpose into the guards in order to not get killed after the enemy is respawned and the guy who killed is still on cd or healing. Since we on it, is it possible to get rid of the guards in TP base? (the pvp area base at bottom) ppl really use them just to play unfair in similar way like I explaind for the ark guards to win/kill/die. It's a pvp map, the victory should be coming just through the hard worked win once players are into the pvp area of bg, they should only be able to go back up in base through death by pvp
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