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  2. LMAOOO My words. That thing hasn't dropped yet or it did just once for what I know. Please fix it before event is over 'cause otherwise there is going to be imbalance between classes @Daddy @Vivi
  4. I agree, but here the current issue is that there is too much differences of tankiness/damage/utility during mass pvp between the different classes. Tanks too tanky and they do better damage then DPSes, Defdpoj g.h fheiHFKEH KHK HG fuk et i dun want even to talk about it sorry bro it has nothing to do with u. THIS GAME TOTALLEH BALL SHET
  5. 3 power filled topics about skills related issues already there, Personally I'm definitely not up to repeat myself again and again over a skills' feedback topic as it is already done in other topics regarding same issue. I'd rather prefer to eliminate this bug from my life instead of debating again on what to fix anymore, not worth my time, life and energy, no more debates for me. Want money? fix me things and I get my hand on my pocket. No fix, IDC, better for me! No money for u!
  6. Not anymore bro, RGs have been losing so much that they are losing all the time also on the weekend now (It's like this for a month and half now). Even if it happens to be a 10 v 7 RG-FK, Rg will lose anyway because there's a massive class balance difference. Because for example Sw + WH can crowd control so much that these 2 alone can hold 12 ppl into their AOEs. That is enough to save the medic and to kill the enemy. But fine, I think everyone is just tired of how the situation has become and trying to express their anger in their own way I am tired as well of this. Now here we can come up with every single detail with PROs and CONs about why this and why that and we are all good with that, but I would like to suggest to just focus on the PRESENT SITUATION, it will not change unless it is changed by doing something in regards. Let's please not focus on the problem, we need solution, we know the problem. We need a solution now, not when it's the aftermath time Game isn't about only numbers anymore. It's about class balance which RGs don't have. Also I never agreed with the last 3 skill changing patches. Now we are seeing the consequences. However of course it also brought some good things too.
  7. to try to get it fixed for those left
  8. @Vivi @Daddy @Bikini idk Luna's forum name (sorry). That's a SS of 2nd NB of 16/10/2020. Now now, I dun have a great SS with date and time ofc because I was not in it and was afk and it was sent to us by an FK. However my dear FKs (all my loves - i love you all ofc~ ) can confirm this to be true and be of the date I mentioned. Up to you guys whether to do something about it, sometimes trust has to be just given more than waiting for proofs because it's for the sake of the game. I wish I had a better SS but sorry this is all I have and I posted it. Can we also get updated the GS list please, It's as old like 2 years.
  9. Do u think it would be possible to make hauler drop some items? Nerver control for +5 speed buff that lasts 20 min would be so cool, it has gone underrated totally in the time. Nemesis had a speed buff nexus, would be cool to against make that buff useful in amara instead of teleporting to nemesis v2. Gamma replicubes craftable through Banana npc takes so long to craft as have to be crafted 1 by 1, would it be possible to make a stack of like 10 in 1 go? These are not bugs but I never explored the forum so I leave it here
  10. I don't know what's happening here, this topic was meant to bring light on the issues but it seems like sm1 here just wants to turn it into a stupidity by leading it out of topic. I can already feel the toxicity so I'm cutting it here and will see what other ppl say. @Vivi @Bash This only leads ppl out of forums and game. My arguments are real. Things aren't as this guy imagines and the world does not circle around him and his assumptions.
  11. Hello, I don't know what other players feel about it but but here's my personal experience: -Typhoon, Orenji, Gorgon, Charon (especially), and Abaddon in NB- All of these bosses are giving me quite a lot of trouble during PvE and PvP caused by their skills effects that propagates nearly all over the screen and their huge size because as they move around it covers almost whole screen intermittently freezing it and causing massive lags. I am running it on a i7 6700HQ DDR4, NVMe M.2 SSD, Nvidia GTX 1060Ti machine Win10 and those sizes still cause me to lag. It's even worse when during PvP in presence of bosses Arkana effects get added at. I'd like to request downsizing of these in order to reduce the collateral damage. Regarding Smog the situation I've seen so far is that people really dislike doing this boss due to it being boring and takes long to kill and it feels like wasting time trying even to call others for it, so could we get this PvE only boss reduced of HP/Def? Can we slightly reduce Charon's chakra damage, it's way too over the limit because AoE. i.e. hitting my fully geared PU (excluded new unique introductions in the latest patch) by 18-20k chk hits when I'm utilizing full tank set while medic buffed. Mostly everyone dies quite often at it and it is a massive pain for Medics to keep up with the heals. Regarding Amara monsters: Also some of these have massive size, they cover the screen really bad causing the aforementioned issues. At Typhoon at a certain point while killing it some of these mobs stack together to attack the Arkanas ,and that is terrible. A resizing or monsters replace would be great. Thank You italy2