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  1. To get it back once to to NPC nope, if it is lv. 55 then collecting the required item (25 x metal scraps) is very fast, and the necessary 1500g too, just make it. If this costs much for you alone ask in game for some help, people do help. If your CS was lower level than 55 then you can most likely find to buy in Auction House in game, that you can check at any time, and it's going to be cheap enough for you to afford.
  2. It's not like your changes weren't accepted by the community, this is rather with purpose to find out which time frames suit better, more than anything for you to refer at, as right after the change about 7 fks (so like half of fk who pvp) that I got in touch with so far can't play, I can't speak much for rg but it seems they share similar sentiment. And here is where we can find it out
  3. Since Vivi has stated that more changes are coming in the near future then this can be seen also as a nice census with reference purpose for future developments . Bring any change you feel like doing. After all NB is just another TP and SA but with no entry restriction that is faction bound like those 2.
  4. There has been going on a debate about NB and AK timetables to fit the most, and no concrete refreshing has been done in past 2 years. As follows: Today the timetables for NB and AK have changed, and were reverted to the old ones, as this has happened recently, many among FK and RG seem to be unhappy about, I'd like to propose this poll for you to vote for our SB community in order to learn about yours active times, so that we can lend a hand to our GM to know at which timetables most people can be active formulated on the current player base. Please note that Poll's timetable is based on current server time which is GMT+1, and the voting will end automatically on Saturday 23 April 2022 at 23:30 Greenwich time (2 weeks from today) Here's a link showing the current GMT+1 TIME to help you: https://time.is/GMT+1 Kind Reminder: if you are not sure of your times at all as you do not as have any specific time due to your circumstances you are going to be considered a ''casual time player'', in this case please refrain from answering in the poll and instead make a comment below with your times and state that you haven't voted so that it can be considered as well. Please click on the link below to participate in voting (NOTE: time is based on GMT+1 that actually matches current SB server time and not GMT+0 as wrongly stated in the poll) : https://take.quiz-maker.com/poll4277115x550c03F8-135 And here the live results: https://take.quiz-maker.com/results4277115x550c03F8-135#tab-2
  5. Dear friend, Here is me.. italy2.. and this is to much for me to take alone.. It was 16 Dec 2021 when you stopped answering, Uzo said. During the hard times you were passing through I was travelling to USA and Mexico.. in the airplane looking at the world map and staring at Trinidad too, and thinking of you, hoping one day to be able to meet you and Andrew. The heart is aching and memories are not letting me rest, emotions are pouring out and the time spent with you keeps playing in my mind. Here I am awake counting every mistake I’ve made replaying fights while thinking of you. These sharp memories of you and of all the time we’ve spent together. It was like yesterday the last time I saw you.. there with your silent presence like always.. enjoying to your heart content the game and fun that you loved hated the most. Here I am while thinking of all those moments and writing this post with my eyes incapable of seeing clear because the tears keep just coming.. I’m sorry for all the times I was rude to you like many others, luckily to my memories I did not ever hurt you in any way. And have always been true.. you were a nice friend that I enjoyed spending my time with and I loved you in a friendly way so much despite not talking to each other in the recent times. I loved your sole presence online in those moments.. your logging ins that would tell me that you were doing fine. We used to joke and laugh and have fun. I remember our discord group of detectives..where we had great fun with many others, moments that I loved, you were so yourself and I remember your laughings that would make you fill with joy. Where we are today has changed, you are no longer here.. Sometimes life pulls us in ways we’d never expect, with dreams to hold, egos to protect. It hurts to wander, so we wonder.. what’s current. ‘What do they expect?’, so we get distant, acting all stupid but we still care and we know deep inside what's real. I didn't expect you to get so distant.. No one simply ever get by but you were strong and I can't get to accept this, while I watch all these memories, they take me back to July.. chit chatting and fighting side by side.. Those moments I remember, and realize, those beautiful ones through good and bad times. Even though it’s a dream with open eyes, in my memories, they bring you back to life. Dear Wolf, the sunrise over the paradise illuminates all that made your soul great, and legends say there they run their own race and they have their own fate to grasp with new worlds and no maps. Here’s a prayer, to you and your soul.. here’s to tomorrow, to the growth, the victories and defeats, the ups, the downs, and yeah even occasional sorrows, and to the grand plans, now you can sketch the universe free hand, filled with peace, happiness, stars and you and us. Now you have the power. This is the beginning of something incredible, of you, a trip unforgettable, don’t forget to reminisce of the places you’ve been, of us, and the precious moments shared with everyone, the family you had and that always you will, and the life that you lived. I Thank you with all my heart and soul to have come in our lives and sharing your precious life with us. You will always be loved and be part of my heart till the end of my existence. A toast to you, ‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories And the memories bring back you There’s a time that I remember, when you did not know no pain When I believed in forever that everything would stay the same Now my heart feel like December..when somebody say your name ‘Cause I can’t reach out to see you, but I know I will one day. Everybody hurts sometimes Everyboy hurts someday, But everything gon’be alright Go and raise a glass and say 'Cheers to me, cheers to us' Till we meet again, Cheers to you my dear friend. May the peace be with you In your loving memories I dedicate this to you Your friend italy2
  6. 1. Use these settings, will help u dc less. If issues persist then tick 'performance', it will auto untick HDR, keep rest of settings as shown in SS and save: https://imgur.com/u0Cv4y2 2. Checkout ur ping stability, especially to france, that is where the server lies, do a couple of tests to see the spikes if are present or not link for ping test: https://www.meter.net/ping-test/ 3. Check ping directly to sb server: to do it, tick SB.bin as in image 2 of point 3, then in game use any character skill or move around for ping to show up and see how good or bad it is. anything under 200ms is normal, if u still dc it might be cause by ping spikes. https://imgur.com/d082YnT https://imgur.com/HsDKnFw 4. If all those fail to solve ur issue, try to play using mobile hotspot to compare.
  7. pls nerf filo she always last hits me
  8. that happens when pu has acc buff + medic acc buff + all the debuffs that were applied to ur se by whipper + me's medic atk buff veil of offence + pu penetration + probably kali. In this case even under ur eva u can get 1 shot
  9. Just subscribe to my youtube channel and the game is safe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoDScb1rBxTNsg16wlUCuWQ
  10. no gs show up in rank cus of their gs statue
  11. If you are to play fk side as I understood, best option for u would be to make a medic if ur end goal is pvp and to farm dungeons in party mode. In PvP FK side lacks medics so you would be seeing ur self in a party the moment you log in. Given the current situation on FK side there are about 2 players only that main the medic class. Be aware that by choosing to play medic means depending a lot on other people, whether that is pvp, pve, and u gotta wait for ppl to be available out of their own things to farm with you etc. Most ppl that play this game stay at lv. 60+ maps, or Suer Lv. 39 - 65 which is a shared map between the 2 factions. Instead if your main goal is to be less depending on others and therefore tp play solo dungeons/pve then a sentinel or punisher fits better, punisher is best to solo dungeons. Sentinel is good all over, in pvp, pve. My suggestion: make medic but make also either a sentinel or punisher. It is not hard to gear over time.
  12. Wouldn't it be possible to bring soccer pitch at 65? that bg is pretty fun to pvp with all that mess around. 2nd ark is boring af due to no good drops and also there are some ppl in ark which would rather get a 1 kill of advantage in it and then to keep running between the 2 sides of the mid wall just till end of bg to avoid the enemy, making this totally unfair lose for the other side, or they would also just die on purpose into the guards in order to not get killed after the enemy is respawned and the guy who killed is still on cd or healing. Since we on it, is it possible to get rid of the guards in TP base? (the pvp area base at bottom) ppl really use them just to play unfair in similar way like I explaind for the ark guards to win/kill/die. It's a pvp map, the victory should be coming just through the hard worked win once players are into the pvp area of bg, they should only be able to go back up in base through death by pvp
  13. Now people have also started to make fake SB forum profiles with other players' names just to cause more drama lol
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