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  1. Now people have also started to make fake SB forum profiles with other players' names just to cause more drama lol
  2. Hi, This thing is making all SB players to lose around 7-8 seconds for each craft, making 100 of these means at least 15 min of total agony and horror with repetitive clicks like a machine and becoming no brainer. And normally it takes a LOT of these to get randoms done. Could we please get these to be craftable in packs of 10 at least? Would save a lot of time that can be spent doing something else in game instead.
  3. I'm for it, let's make a programmed FC @Vivi . Currently FK lack crazy amount of ppl, I'm fine to lose some to gain some providing numbers and levels are matching and are not just alts of alts. Need a class based balance faction change - not just a players # balance. Can't be just a blind fc. Otherwise it's just all about messing up even more the game and balance between the factions. Game does require FC done given the current players' active status. I know some RGs players not being active because that side already has too many players as often they double the numbers of FKs in Pv
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