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  1. Let's fix the medic and make it weak again: please add extra +2000 void + 3000 ch-eva and add Firing Squade on ME class with SE detection like 5 min I'm sure everyone agrees already, especially panties @Bikini
  2. LET'S CONCLUDE THIS PU FIGHT HERE: Everyone knows already about all the issues regarding this class, right now we people are just trying to untangle the agglomerated nebula of PU under every aspect, a thing that would just keep causing more discussion and fight for no reason as everything that had to be said is already done so going any further is time wasting, now let's rather focus on getting the things finalized and hopefully a fixing patch is coming before 15 December 2019 because a pigeon told me that @Norleras @Daddy @Bikini @saphira92 @NoRunNoGun @Vivi are working super hard to make it reality, right right? 'cause otherwise let's cook that fakamada of piggeh Meanwhile let's do something more interesting:
  3. That is hilarious to me and makes me laugh, I totally wonder who you've ever 2-3 hit. Can you give an example on this 2-3 hit killing that you did? To my experience pre-patch considering enough accuracy for ME it required PU's almost 1 full rotation, against CB 1.5 rotations, against WH 1-2 rotations, against DE 1-2 rotations, against SE 1 full rotation, against Sw 0.5 rotations: all this considering all those classes not buffed. If you think of these classes fully buffed than PU's lack in acc and ch-acc killed no Se, Wh, De, Sw, Cb is those roations. Only ME could be still killed 1v1. Pre-patch PU was doing ok in mass PvP in terms of survivability, now it just sucks, whenever you'll decide to go PvP you can feel the WH, SE, SW, DE, CB. Try to kill them with equal numbers PvP. there was a small Ch buff on the passive as a a small compensation and place holder in regards to see how strong buffing plasma tree as much as was done would take to account pu's damage aswell. As it sounds some of that will be coming back hopefully not to much as personally I still agree with Heaven, Pu's combo for a long time have been too simple a brain dead, but that's up to the GS's on how much of that they feel they need to give back. PU's combo was sad in past, now it's better, but it's gotta get fixed to make PU as it has many issues, if you are curious enough to know which, you can read all the posts back so I do not feel writing over and over again the same things. On a flip side I did see a mention of how there's not really many Pu skills with added benefits, and well, that's true and false at the same time, we have a whole atomic tree with speed debuffs, plasma with DoT and 2 skills with addition crit, though I do agree seeing those at a maxed out point is like never gonna happen, not sure if maybe those 2 skills could be something to maybe look over on Pu? or Maybe as going on what Luna was saying adding another debuff stat to Penetration? was personally thinking adding a Crit Eva debuff to it Compared to other classes, PU surely has no disables, which are not required either. Other than that all classes have a speed boost which PU lacks badly and that makes it suffer in PvP a bit. Also to give you another example just at info level: if you played ASB you might know that PU's crit rate is exactly the same since cap 54. while for other classes it's been increased. What I need is PU to have atleast a slight chance to be able to affront the SW, as so far againt a SW the PU is just pork meat, SW slices PU is 3 hits without even going in mech. SWs' advantage on PU is just too HUGE. Answers in red
  4. That's how I felt the few times I joined BGs.
  5. Hah! Noob! I'm in the same situation.
  6. You think I'd choose farming that dungeon instead of hanging out and have some quality time?
  7. You are crazy AF Zene, I did not even make all pet chips lv 2 on my first toon italy2 lol, i said fug off to those pvp def, def, ch-eva lol
  8. Halving it's requirement would be good. New players can better match the perfectly geared players as so far too many difference are there: besides unique jewels, there are also now ancient jewels and spanner that take atleast 1 year of waiting for anyone willing to finally have same gear pieces like most OP players, and if you miss it, it makes it 2 years if still not going to miss it. Also lot's of players play more than 1 toon because it's FUN to try other classes and play them, it personally made me stay in this game until now while otherwise also I'd had quit long ago. It's a huge reason to continue because it indeed brings back excitement for playing this game. I'm playing this for 3 years and yet i have 0 unique jewels, and same as last year I've missed this event due to family visit so I'm also not fully ancient spanned yet. So yeah, halving pet chips requirement would help, especially for medics because what you've experienced like most other medics shall no longer be that way since the original amount was too wrong considering medics capabilities.
  9. Is it possible to reduce the crafting requirement for pet chips Lv. 2 with Julia as currently it is a huge pain to gear a 2nd toon with those, 3rd pretty much unthinkable. Farming that dungeon is just eternally long that it feels like to have lost so much of my life time doing nothing. Everyone has more than 1 toon, and it needs 4 items: 1. Amethyst Beacon 2. Powered malachite Scanner 3. Azure Ore 4. Smoldering Lava Rock
  10. The plan is to only relate it to SB in an indirect way @Vivi Kyo & Peppah are 2 SB players who love to go to McDonald and challenge each other, indeed they PHAT AF same as their whippers in SB, so lazy and phatty that soon humanity needs new sizes to cover their butts lines. Then there is also Sand ( @GoddessSand) who sometimes likes to hang out with them, but against theirs' 12+ McDonald's food trays Sand just gets happy with a HappyMeal with Transformers or Cars
  11. Kyoko and QueenPepper after a McDonald dinner: mumble rap