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  1. I meant for Yoshua, I quoted him lmao.
  2. Is there any error that is shows as it closes? such as XIGN related issues ? Update your DirectX files, make sure your Graphic card is updated to last driver/software. Can you post your PC's specs?
  3. about the skill reset bug, just use 1 skill reset, it will help you complete your "bugged" quest and you will also get 2 more skill resets from it.
  4. Hielo hielooo, Io sono italy, italy2. Benvenuto.
  5. It's a bit outdated again now as another patch was released, but still useful in some ways. @Puffetto
  6. Just make sure that the BGs are going to have something worth enough to join them then. Also I wouldn't consider putting SGs in bosses as faction balance is impossible to obtain, RGs are losing 90% of bosses since 2-3 months. Now unless that changes, the way RGs are they would see it just as another bad upgrade, thus another reason to not have interest in the game.
  7. Need better SG rate from Safeguard replicubes: I'm pretty sick of this, I had stacked around 50 to get a total of 8 SG. Then I miserably failed to enhance 6 times to make a +11. Got +11 on 7th and failed to +12 on 8th. This is so discouraging and transmitting a quit feeling. Then I stacked again: In this video you see me opening 25 replicubes to get 2 SGs. It's too low SG rate, then I ofc failed 3 times because I had 4 in total. And hardly anyone joins BGs so it takes forever to stack those many.
  8. I've read a bit of last 2 pages' posts, and for what I've read people are just bluffing over everything on this thread regarding the classes' balance and their PvP usefulness, what more not do to fool the higher management into getting this game more unbalanced lmao. All this manipulation. Not worth wasting my time.
  9. I'm a bit tired of giving advises, I guess it's rather time for our GMs/GSes to use their own genius to bring up something. Currently I'm so uninterested that I don't even feel like checking forum: I can already imagine what could be going on.
  10. I did not read all and will not, as im going on vacations. However this randomly caught my eye, setting melee stuns at 5m are a stupidity atm. I'll give you 1 example about why: Whipper's mech immolizing skill 'All fall down' has 12m aoe, and lasts 5 sec. You will never be able to stun. I would say to set all classes melee stuns to 10m. It's not a big distance and it's not making them ranged atks. Meters are relative in game, do not seem them as in reality. I disagree mostly with all the rest about PU except mech stun and wildfire range matched. Will explain why later on once I'm back from holidays.
  11. Bra, there's already a way in game to get urself look completely naked while wearing all the gear. But what's the point? trying to get vivi involved into full perverseness with asking that?
  12. Let's fix the medic and make it weak again: please add extra +2000 void + 3000 ch-eva and add Firing Squade on ME class with SE detection like 5 min I'm sure everyone agrees already, especially panties @Bikini