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  1. Okay, for the thousandish time I end up talking about such ridiculous fact of Turnpike chest point which annihilates the PvP world and just pisses off Here a winning like always turned into a lose because of that bad chest point code: @Vivi Turnpike 1v1 of 17/09/2019:
  2. Then let's give the same sort of abilities also to other classes as they also cannot use them all
  3. The topic went really further since my last post so TL;DR 😧 All I want the attention currently to be directed at is this: Whipper class with so many special attacks is a perfect survivor and killer at the same time, it's got all a class needs to be perfect, i.e. acc on pulls, acc on debuffs to make them effective; acc and ch-acc debuff. All mech skills are special etc etc (see the list above). Nearly an endless combo with it's stuns and disables and immobilizings etc. To mention that all classes now have at least 1 acc/ch-acc buff skill (ME DE WH SW) while CB has eva debuff with immobilize which alternatively still works great on most classes. SE and PU have no acc/ch-acc buffs. All classes have at least 1 speed buff skill, active/passive (ME CB WH SW DE SE) while PU has none and it has the lowest speed attribute on it's shoes once +12ed compared to other classes. I suggest as PU immobilized in Firing Squad to give it acc and ch-acc buff and also it should get an active speed buff as this is the only class with such vulnerability (immobilizes itself - no wh required here), I point out active as it already cannot manage to spend it's skill points to many good skills which limits the class at this time. Also if, as it has been mentioned by Daddy, we are going to have multi builds possibility thanks to an enriched skill tree, that to me means all classes having more open possibilities of choosing what sort of build to make, hence almost all sort of buffs/special skills will be theoretically present, always in respect to the classes uniqueness not being altered.
  4. Viceversa a SW can 3 shit any PU, SE, CB without buffs so I don't get the point of that affirmation ? I say that as a PU player. When I said that I made it clear that all geared Sw have huge dmg on some classes. I. E. it can kill a fully buffed PU in 3-4 shots giving no possibility of attacking back. And as per current number of skill points as matter of fact no PU has decided to ever use detection as it is pretty much unthinkable since the lose in other strictly necessary skills is too high. As I sustained in the earlier post DEs and WHs are 2 tanky classes which have to be thoroughly looked at, as both of them got skills attributes with considered very less care about other classes. I believe that during the last Skills distribution discussion (the current skills patch) the tanks surviving was the main topic in question. Said all that, the way in a 1v1 a Sw impacts against tanks classes also have to looked at:
  5. Defenders and Whippers are 2 different worlds, I agree with that and they have to be looked separately for their Pros and Cons, said that, to come back to my point about Whipper: That does not excuse it's nearly forever combos in 1v1, and overpowered CC which at the moment along with all those acc and ch-acc buffs on it's pulls and debuffing skills, and along with all that it also has disables and stuns and immobilizing makes sure it wins in PvP. Some of these things are sure necessary but others are just too much of over classed, compared to others classes. Why do SE and PU also do not have acc and ch-acc buffs on it's stuns(as these cannot pull) and debuffing skills then, and why does CB not have acc and ch-acc on it's pull then? Currently Whipper is the only class which is guaranteed a full win while Other classes are much more balanced between them, and I also add here SWs' overwhelming damage on dps classes needs to be fixed, thus all classes builds will have to be revised to be revised.
  6. BesTweaveR

    Bagpack code

    As it is 1 of the reasons to buy APs, thus 1 of the ways for server to keep running, I remember from the past it's been told they won't be permanent.
  7. Trap was already nerfed once, if u want balance then nerf WH it has the most aoes and most special skils: +pull 4 ppl 9m aoe radius with 17m range which is a false-true as 17 + 4.5m = 21.5m and it pulls ppl from the BGs base too (NERF) <<>> with acc and ch-acc boost during pull + pull and stun 23m(with acc and ch-acc boost during pull) +stun aoe (8 ppl) why ? +dots +immobilize -acc / -ch-acc -def/-void -def again +disables x2 -crit rate/atk -resists with + acc/+ch-acc - detection + detection + acc/+ch-acc +passive def/pasive void +crit eva+void + crit void + def + ch-resist +void +crit void + def + ch-resist - plasma resist and dot reduction debuff 19 active skills are special and14 of them are aoes. It is the only mech having all skills as special. Also as per DE's besides giving passive PvP void it gives also Void:Cancel Mech's special skills: -20% atk -8000 DoT damage -20% void 5 sec immobilize +30 active speed skill +20 passive speed. 2 sec pull stun. the base atk called Violate is not stated to be an AoE skill, however it still attacks 2 players. Also, all other classes aoes are limited to players, why whipper has crowd control of 8 players on it's most important skills? and anotehr skill as provocation which debuffs 12 players? Last AK was 48 vs 8 (Rg Vs Fk), 1 WH is enough to crow control everyone and has OP dmg too, along with it's team it's reducing the enemy's chance to nearly quit sb. Both pull skills ahve acc and ch-acc boosted during casting. Wrecking ball which is a ch-resist debuffing skill also has acc and ch-acc boost during casting. That makes in total 4 active skills with acc/ch-acc boost. This class is overwhelming.
  8. I Doubt that, as to my knowledge we all have them just held.
  9. Nova just make it, I'm sure you will come up with a cool idea to make it work
  10. Let's do it Nova. Don't worry about the colour as long as we keep including something that represents the faction. make em fk/rg faction locked as same as with some outfits class locked
  11. Hellow, is it possible to design new looks for Cyberskins? More intriguing! somewhat like costumes. Would be cool so we can have 2 different looks at same time. Otherwise is it possible to craft the CS looks? in that case introducing cyberskins' skins would be cool
  12. Both issues are still unresolved, so often getting disconnected during BGs and Incorrect ID too.
  13. Go 60+ and save 2 months, gear will come with time, some dungeons, some items bought with gold will set the first steps, BGs will help with droppings and PvP. It's not life or death, as being lv 60+ still grants u the use of lv 50-59 gears, but PvE at 60+ is a lot hard, however everyone manage, you will too.