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  1. I find it appalling that, in a post where we're supposed to voice out our opinions and weigh in on how the server could be better, we come to find the same roadblock time and again: Jordan's dismissive attitude. What I'm about to say I really actually mean it a good way, so, Jordan: If the way things have been handled thus far really worked, the game would be lively still If more than one person is coming through with the same issue then it's not an "opinion", it's a tangible problem Things don't have to be black and white. There can be a middle ground and this post is being weighed in specifically so we, the players, and yourself can find it Once again, just because this is Classic does not mean we have to carry the same issues OG EE had, with us Quit fighting opinions- just please listen to what we have to say. No one's here to attack you, we're voicing out our discomfort because we want the server to be fun and playable to begin with.
  2. anyway-- i will save my breath. but thank you for sparing some of your time to read what we have to say
  3. In my opinion, quality of life changes are necessary. And I speak mostly about the grinding that is required in order for one to enjoy the game- particularly touching on the topic of stones and the acquiring of gears. A friend of mine painted it this way: I grind for two hours to buy eight lucky stones and all of them fail, or I grind for two hours to buy a single halcyon stone. Not to mention the aeons it will take you to acquire the piece of gear in the first place. If I had to tap on these topics in a more orderly manner though, I would break it down like this: Getting gears is a hassle. While it is true that there should be some grinding involved, to make the boss drops as rare as 1% is too extreme. Class Drops (albeit with a reduction) would make the grinding more intuitive- if my gears had, say, 40-60% chances of dropping, I'd gladly go back to farming. To assume that the player-base (who are mostly young adults who're tending to school and their jobs) can grind for hours on end is naïve at best, and it only results in discouragement- take it from me Fortifying said gears is a hassle. To quote my friend again, you grind to chain-fortify a piece of gear with a flimsy 10% success, or you fortify one time (and still with necessary luck) out of the, say, 12 you need in order to have decent +6 gears. Once again, to assume that we can grind so much is naïve. Having SS drop in trials, with the addition of class drops, could also make the grinding more intuitive and it'd allow more PvE oriented players to catch up and become more invested in the game Just give us POD, for christ's sake. Perhaps this is more of a personal note, but I believe POD is far from broken. If anything, it's an addition that incentivates PvE and allows such players to make themselves with Honor Stars for their sets. "Well, getting 50 HS Chests is too much", well, then code it differently. You're supposed to have the files for the game- just tweak it so it's a little less. It's also a source of EP, which is useful for achivements and buying fame materials for the Aven vendors The server is kind of its own thing, and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't have great features like Archive Search and Auto-Sort. But looking at it realistically, the classic Eden had a lot of issues which can definitely be improved upon here. Just because it's supposed to be "like the old times" does not mean we have to carry all those problems with us now. Nonetheless, those would be my two cents. Thank you for reading, I hope I was eloquent enough. 😅
  4. I feel with school starting again and most of the young adults busy, perhaps it'd be wise to postpone it some until christmas time, providing everyone with the opportunity to gear and catch up consistently. That being said, if the votes ultimately end up bringing the next cap sooner than that, it'd be best we only get the LV70 trials (non-S) as well as DK and Sage. No such thing as awaken sets or Vingot
  5. Not necessarily. The point isn't to balance how much we farm, but why we farm. Right now, we want gears- that's the reason, really. But if we had class drops, we'd farm because we want better gears. As such, both instances would be worthwhile.
  6. I had an idea in mind regarding weapon %'s, bear with me. In the meantime until we get class drops in trials (if that will eventually happen), make all weapons 100%. The reason for this is, the current drop rate is low. Part of the reason why new players cannot gear themselves properly is because their desired yellows require a high amount of farming, even with BP's. For those who were generally lucky acquiring their own: good, but right now, my friends and I have found it troublesome- we haven't gotten a single one yet. Maybe, later, when class drops are a thing, all yellows acquired beforehand could turn into 110%'s to balance them some. But, right now, I'd say: keep it fair for everyone, don't have people farming for clean %'s.
  7. This sounds okay, IMO. I was thinking, since on Awaken we had daily rewards, perhaps the quest we complete thereafter could reward us with 30-50 HS so as to help with arena badges (for those who don't PVP) or some EP (10 perhaps?) for a small push on achievements. Also, Jordan, about that TW mode. Would it be possible to make a free-for-all arena? If I recall correctly Grand Fantasia had something like this. Everyone can kill everyone, no parties. Just a thought, but I feel that'd be fun, too. 🙂
  8. Hey all! I hope quarantine's being a good time for self-improvement. And speaking of improvement, is there anything more pleasant than seeing our racial crafting get better? (I mean, aside from gears...) But there's a slight problem: entering Guild Towns is such a dreadful sight at times. For us who have internet problems, we can either make it in 10 times in a row, or get dc'd x100. We buy all the tools we think we might need, but we'll have to leave and acquire new ones eventually. If I recall correctly, Awaken Server had the gathering merchants inside GT as well. I was wondering if this was possible for Classic too? It'd save us, not just the trouble of running back and forth, but also of leaving GT, entering again, and praying we'll make it seamlessly. On a related topic... am I the only one who experiences a slow start-up when I click "Play Classic" on the patcher? Classic takes... SO long to load, whereas Awaken is still as fast as I remember it, even with my internet. Some of my friends with FAR better connection can also attest to this, so I was curious as to if there's a way to fix this? Thank you for reading!
  9. This. The people who have "grown bored" or are begging for cap to go higher are the P2W people. My friends and I aren't tired- in fact, we're enjoying building from the bottom up again. Just because you wanted to spend U$100 onto the game and now find yourself with everything you could've afforded through hard work, doesn't mean the game's boring in of itself. It's you who made it boring. Just a quick off-topic comment.
  10. Sadly, I think for now Arena should stay as is. While it is possible to acquire class medals through Honor Stars (I'm accounting for this feature to exist in Classic too), there's no reliable way to farm them, therefore all we have left is this. It might be changed in the future with things such as PoD or maybe even Daily Rewards, but as of now, there are some more things that require the staff's attention. (Lamentablemente, creo que la Arena debería quedarse como esta. Aunque es posible adquirir medallas de clase con Honor Stars (que espero esta opción exista en Classic), no hay manera consistente de obtenerlas, por lo tanto esto es todo lo que tenemos. Tal vez sea cambiado en el futuro con cosas como PoD o incluso los Daily Rewards, pero por ahora, hay otras cosas que requieren la atención del staff.)
  11. Heeey, these are pretty good suggestions. There may have been a time were I was a BD enthusiast... Let me just list a couple things before my seconding this post. BD is a pretty solid EVA tank- hell, all orange classes are, because they've an EVA-specific set. When I was still in Aeria, I met pretty solid BD's. My most enlightening experience was seeing one EVA tank all of Malice-Trial... how legendaric. The debuff part I don't quite agree with. If you let me get mathematical for a moment... every +200 points on a stat are 10% of it, raw. So, if an ability lowers a certain stat by, say, -250, that's a solid -12% to it. For things like Casting, Agility, Evasion... 10% is a big number. BD with an EVA set and a high level [Flashy Charm] (which I'm pretty sure can exceed -200 ACC) makes the class pretty solid, particularly in PvE as enemies have low base ACC. It can also make a difference in PvP but you'd have to be pretty particular about your build, gear swaps, etc. Other than that, these are solid points. If implemented, I don't really think BD would need more suggestions in the PvP realm. 20-feet is a much wider area than you'd imagine. It's enough to cover all corners in the middle of the 3v3 arena, for perspective.
  12. Remember getting excited about learning an AoE with your Hunter only to find out it's an actual DoT effect? How fun was it bombarding an enemy with Rage of Storms for BP until you figured out Mage was just better at Elec-breaking? Yeah. I felt pretty dumb too. Hey guys! I'm Hinseo. Been around awaken server for a bit but the idea of a classic server was quite exciting to me. First of all, thank you to the staff for doing this. It's been an amazing opportunity for my friends and I to reconnect- particularly in lockdown, we're more than eager to play together again. Classic EE was quite a blast for us long-time players. But, it's exactly because we're old players that we acknowledge: some things about it weren't necessarily perfect. Remember when Tornado became a target-triggered AoE? It was almost revolutionary. As such, I've decided to compile a couple suggestions regarding normal classes that I believe are somewhat fair, and (perhaps?) within the realm of possibility, just to give them that extra oomph that makes all others such as Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Knight, etc. as fun as they are. It's worth mentioning that I believe these changes are fair specifically for Classic Mode, as, obviously, once you get your first awaken class you don't ever bother using normal ones unless it's for TW. Yellow Common Skills Orange (namely, Samurai) Green (Hunter, perhaps Ranger) Blue (Shaman) Purple (Warlock) Those would really be all of them. I understand if they aren't possible to implement at the moment, or at all, but I still appreciate if you at least read through them. Thank you for your time!
  13. Original Bard still got buffs for the party and for itself and were still desirable. But since you don't bother hiding how condescending you want to be with your replies, Jordan, I suppose I shouldn't either. If you yourself acknowledge there are better classes for both PvP and PvE, then why do you say you're also happy with the class as it is? '-' the fact that even you know people would rather use something else means it is flawed. You say it was played by enthusiasts yet here you have a BP main and I'm telling you it doesn't feel right? Frankly, I believe you didn't bother reading half of what I wrote. The fact that you only talk about two skills makes it pretty clear. Why wouldn't you consider making Mana Melody an AoE with lower MAG but then we have BA's buff which confers not only Phys ATK, but also MAG, and is an AoE? Whereas I suggested Mana Melody could confer a lower amount of MP and restore some mana too. In the end, it's only clear you prefer P-DPS over M-DPS, and it shows by how absurdly useless you made them. Even GM has trouble shining in parties and people would rather use other classes. Light Support and Magic classes NEED TO BE GOOD, because they're meant to be more fragile but capable of dealing burst damage or providing support when played. I tried keeping it respectful but your tone clearly doesn't help. '-' Thank you for your time. I suppose.
  14. I suppose my main problem with Poet is that it is overtly DPS while Worshipper is overtly Support. •I don't quite understand what you mean with "all races can play it effectively now". It is true that Poet is the DPS version of the class, however, Flame Vibrato, Dark Music and Wave of Thunder already add a lot of utility to it as they have low cooldown and have pretty good effects (raising MAG, lowering Element Resist and stunning). •There isn't always a BA in your party and you definitely want regeneration buffs when you're solo. If a skill is only useful when complemented by another player's skillset, it seems rather problematic. I am fine with how Requiem works, however. It's just strange? LOL but it's not necessarily bad either. As for Wave of Thunder, that too is true. I suppose always triple hit would be too broken even with stun. •Bard doesn't quite need to cast its attacks either? Do you mean a halfkin using its racial to deal damage with Sonic Boom Grid and/or sniping with Vocal Bomb? frankly even if this were the case, it doesn't change the fact that you would want DEF (Song of Illusions) and regeneration (Music of Life) at times, and the fact these benefitted your party too meant it was enhancing your own capabilities at the same time your party can survive longer. At the very least, even having lower range than Worshipper's buffs, having them be AoE is a good idea. •Just because Worshipper can buff it doesn't mean Poet shouldn't. For that matter, if you don't want Poet to excel as much, just remove the healing effects from its skills and make them flat out buffs. Plus, having it buff your party can still be a good idea through PvP, where it was mostly used in the Aeria server. As I said before, its three offensive skills will still be useful, particularly the AoE ones. •I'm so smitten with this I bet it's annoying but. The class wouldn't be invisible anymore if it could do more than just buffing itself or stunning. All forms of support are appreciated and its DEF buff particularly for higher level dungeons or trials is a blessing. This without taking into account gears, glyphs, knowledge tree and Holy skills is what makes me uncomfortable still. (and thank u for reading my post and this reply as well o3o; hope i dont seem too heated)
  15. Hello, everyone! o/ My name's Hinseo. Some of you may already know me and some others well, it's a pleasure. This is my first post in the forums, and through it all I shall be talking about Battlefield Poet and some changes, that I feel are fair(? it undergoes. Thank you for investing some of your time to read this. It'll be somewhat of a long post so I hope I can explain myself properly. Of course, my voice is not definitive. You guys too can leave your feedback and tell me how you feel about the class. Why do I write this? In Aeria's EE server, I was a Poet main. Poet is a class I love with passion. It was so fun, having a class that could heal, buff, use a pletora of elements and to some extent even tank if the situation got dire. As such, throughout this post I will make suggestions on what I feel Poet needs to be better at, of course constantly comparing the balance between Vendetta one and Aeria's. Whatever change I want to put on the table will come with both a bonus and a penalty. Mind you that I won't be including Holy skills here, nor Knowledge Tree. I am here solely to talk about the skills and how I feel about them. Either way, without further delay, I should start because you're probably already tired of reading this LOL. Here we go! === SKILL 1: FLAME VIBRATO •Aeria's Effect: Magic Fire-based damage. Each time it is used, raises target's M-CRIT DMG Sustained 1%, up to 15% •Vendetta's Effect: Magic Fire-based damage. Lowers DEF -10% and raises caster's MAG +10%, up to 50% •Suggestion: Frankly, I am okay with this one. Both effects seem equally useful without being necessarily broken SKILL 2: DARK MUSIC (yes ik its Dark Metal but i love how Dark Music sounds) •Aeria's Effect: Magic Dark-based damage. Each time it is used, inflicts DoT +1158 and lowers targets' Elemental Resistances -10 points, stacks up to five times •Vendetta's Effect: Magic Dark-based damage. Each time it is used, inflicts DoT +1158 and lowers targets' Elemental Resistances -5 points, stacks up to five times •Suggestion: Again, this one's pretty good. Aeria's one was definitely broken, so I am glad to see Dark Music is more balanced now SKILL 3: MELODY OF LIFE (whoops here we go) •Aeria's Effect: Confers a 924 HP Regeneration to allies for 10 seconds, +Like a Star! •Vendetta's Effect: Confers a 462 HP Regeneration to allies for 12 seconds, +Like a Star! •Suggestion: Ok, so this is where the skills begin looking somewhat unfair to me. In Aeria, the tick regen was definitely stronger though it lasted -2 seconds. The thing about this skill is that a Bard's LV80 Music of Life can get close to that amount of regeneration. Yes, it is true that Bard must stack the effect, however, the Casting is only 1 second, and the effect lasts 12 seconds. +BONUS: I feel like Aeria's effect is still far better for this ability, either that or Poet can keep Vendetta's regeneration, and can in exchange stack at least twice. -PENALTY: Reduce its duration to at least 8 seconds, and reduce the healing of [Like a Star!] to 5% SKILL 4: MELODY OF MANA •Aeria's Effect: Raises the party's MAG +8k (can't remember exact amounts, but the approximates are fairly close), +restores about 2k HP (affected by G-Heal). Lasts 10 seconds •Vendetta's Effect: Raises caster's MAG +34170 and confers 50% Triple Hit odds. Lasts 15 seconds •Suggestion: My main problem with most of Poet's songs is that they're self-buffs. Let's think about this for a minute. When we hear the word "Bard" in an MMO, we expect a class that can buff its allies as well as buffing itself in the process. The buffs aren't exactly broken but not useless either. I find it somewhat unpleasant that Poet has lost its identity as a support class and has instead become a DPS unit. +BONUS: Aeria's effect is, of course, pretty good as it buffs the party. There's a few roundabouts for this skill, but I'll throw one out there: make it an AoE that restores a minimal amount of MP (150-300), confering half of Vendetta's MAG bonus. Duration can still be 10 seconds -PENALTY: MP Restoration is not affected by G-HEAL. Skill now has a cooldown of six seconds, and Triple Hit odds are no longer bestowed SKILL 5: BASS MELODY (my fav. like the sONG WHEN CASTING IS SO PRETTY) •Aeria's Effect: Raises the party's DEF +6k and restores about +2k HP (affected by G-Heal). Lasts 10 seconds •Vendetta's Effect: Raises caster's DEF +7973 and confers +15% Move SPD. Lasts 15 seconds •Suggestion: It's mainly the same problem I have with Mana Melody, I'd love it if this skill could affect all allies so as to feel like I'm playing an actual support class. +BONUS: Aeria's effect is, again, my favourite, but for the sake of variety: make it an AoE that heals HP to allies as well as confering DEF +6k, and raises their Move SPD +5%, with a duration of 10 seconds -PENALTY: Skill has a cooldown of six seconds. HP healed is only 1k, and Elemental Resistance bonus from [Like a Star!] is only +5 points SKILL 6: STAR OF THE SHOW •Aeria's Effect: Raises caster's Move SPD +15% for five minutes •Vendetta's Effect: For 15 seconds, resets the cooldowns of [Flame Vibrato], [Dark Music] and [Wave of Thunder]. Confers MAG and Move SPD +10% •Suggestion: Frankly I don't like either effect LOL. Ok, so my problem with Aeria's one is that as I have stated before, it is not a party buff, while Bard and Worshipper can buff movement. On the other hand, Vendetta's effect is just flat-out broken. With a halfkin racial, it is possible to spam the abilities it resets for a good 27 seconds, which is ridiculous. I feel like this one skill should be changed on almost everything, but here we go... +BONUS: Make it an AoE skill that confers Movement +15% to all party members for 10-12 seconds, and heals an additional +1k HP to allies, affected by G-Heal -PENALTY: Of course, no more cooldown resets. Also, range is fairly shortened compared to other bardsongs. Most are 40 feet, this one could only be 20-15 feet SKILL 7: REQUIEM •Aeria's Effect: For 8 seconds, confers [Soul Requiem] to allies. If HP drops below 40%, confers them Damage STN -40% for 8 seconds •Vendetta's Effect: Revives a fallen ally with 100% HP and MP, halving EXP penalty •Suggestion: ... I dunno how I feel about this one. It's a love-hate relationship, but lemme try... first thing is, Poet is the more DPS-like of the two bards, so I feel like it is Worshipper that should revive. On the other hand, Worshipper is heavy support, so having the STN bonus wouldn't hurt either, though it does have a more broken ability which is Soulchaser Song. Since Poet is more about survival... +BONUS(?: Make it a single-target skill. Confers Damage STN -50% and restores 20% HP -PENALTY(?: Lasts only five seconds, with a 15 second cooldown. Also, cannot stack with Worshipper's [Soulchaser Song] SKILL 8: WAVE OF THUNDER •Aeria's Effect: Magic Elec-based damage, triple hit. Immobilizes targets for 2 seconds without triggering immunity •Vendetta's Effect: Magic Elec-based damage, 20% triple hit odds. Stuns targets for 3 seconds •Suggestion: Eh. This one's fine, honestly. Aeria's one was broken because you could "root" with it (stun-lock an enemy by using a particular guitar + glyph) and trivialize most fights when solo. So, lemme see... +BONUS: Just make it triple hit already, or increase the odds of such happenstance -PENALTY: Still stuns and triggers immunity, so as to deal damage but not necessarily cheesing down fights === And... that would be about it. Thank you so much for reading! Do leave your feedback: What you agree and disagree with. Feel free to correct me as well, I know that some things look inexact and sloppy, but that's because I quoted Aeria's effects through muscle memory (I'm pretty sure most things are properly approximate though). Poet is a class I loved in Aeria pretty bad, it was my jam... if you know what I mean. I was so smitten with it, such a pretty class that fitted my aesthetic of balance between both damage and support. I can't say I'm much into Vendetta's Poet, sadly, as I feel like it lost its identity as a support class to become a mage. My comments might seem biased, but hey, we will see what others think. In the veery near future: Life Worshipper: A Discussion. Thank you again for reading and happy gaming! o/
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